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How does the most magical place on earth become the merriest place on earth? Whoopi Goldberg reveals Disney's holiday secrets.


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A nice look behind the scenes and an ad put into one.

"Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic" is an enjoyable Christmas special about making the various Disney parks look great for the holidays. However, be forewarned: while this is enjoyable, at times it also feels like a giant commercial for the Disney corporation and ABC.

The show is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg and concentrates mostly on transforming the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida. You do see some from their other parks, though sadly you only see the tiniest of glimpse of the international parks. Well worth seeing....especially if you are a Disneyphile.

Interesting if you are a fan

There were some interesting behind-the-scenes moments in this, and for the strong Disney Fan, I'd recommend it! But it also had the strong feeling of an ad. Smack dab in the middle is a family raving about their time share. Watching this in 2020, right after tens of thousands of Disney employees were laid off and many of the holiday decorations would not be put up this year (Disneyland not even being open for the holiday season) made for a very bitter sweet viewing. Its possible that many of the features that this holiday decorating video promoted may never return (such as the ginger bread houses or the parades), so this does also feel like a bit of a time capsule too - the Disney that was and hopefully will be again.
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