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127 min
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5.5 / 10 
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Directors: Hwan Lee [Director] ,

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Wandering around the streets, Sejin, a pregnant teen, gets to know Juyeong and reunites with Jaepil and Sinji. The four musketeers go through a series of misfortunes, bumping into masochistic/sadistic characters and experiencing the brutality and cruelty of the world. Nevertheless, their naivety and pureness to endure through the hardships of life will stir complex emotions that will question your judgment.


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A true masterpiece

I rarely find a film I can get so caught up in anymore, I'm usually stuck knit-picking at the smallest of issues like lighting or sound but literally everything was perfection. I could literally write an entire book on why this film was a masterpiece and how much thought the director had put into each detail and scene. From the connection to the things teenagers like to the biggest of problems they can face. The entire film was about pushing the boundaries of korean morals and how young adults who have gone through trauma can react to certain situations. You literally need to watch it at least four times putting yourself into each of the four main characters shoes and even then you'd have to watch it a fifth time to connect all of the pieces! It's so brilliantly put together and the ending was amazing. Usually films aim for a big ending, a happily ever after or a cliff hanger but that ending really brought the idea that it was meant to represent life and how sometimes you don't get a happy ending.


I kinda get why this didn't get that much attention in Korea as this topic is pretty taboo and I preach the writer for the genre and storyline they choose.

The cast may not be those actors and actresses you see everywhere in a drama but I'm really impressed by their portrayal especially the main character. The emotions and characterization every actor in this film showed is one of a kind, this may come off as a comedy film at the trailer but this story is much more than that, the realism of every situation is kinda scary because you know this really happens in real life. The story speaks a lot for the teens and young adults who struggles and it portrayed it very well.

Young adult matters.
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