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Directors: Jean Brismée [Director] ,

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A group of tourists traveling on a bus take a detour to stay overnight in a castle owned by a family cursed with a history of Satanism and death.


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Fascinating and Chilling Euro Gothic Masterpiece from 1971

Seven tourists are forced to spend the night in an eerie castle in Germany. A succubus is sent to kill each one that indulges in one or more of the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy/jealousy and pride).

"The Devil's Nightmare" (1971) is a Belgium/Italy co-production and a real hidden gem of Gothic horror. It has a great cast & story and was filmed in a real castle. The people and the sins they indulge in are as follows:

Pride - Alvin, the Seminarian.Envy - Corinne (the hot brunette), the collector of men.Gluttony - Mr. Ducha, the Tour Driver.Lust - Howard Foster, Corinne's last addition to her collection.Wrath - Mr. Mason, the curmudgeonly complainer.Greed - Nancy Foster, the gold-seeking angry wife.Sloth - Regine, the (hot) sleepy blonde.

Some, of course, are guilty of more than one main sin, such as:

Nancy Foster, the angry wife: jealousy (although her husband gives her good reason to be jealous), envy (of the beauty of the other women) and wrath (I don't think she smiles once, except when she's literally swimming in gold).Corinne: lust (lesbianism & adultery).Regine: lust (lesbianism).

A handful of observations: If the bus driver was really THAT gluttonous wouldn't he be a lot heavier? (Like Fat Bastage from Austin Powers). If Regine were really THAT lazy how could she possibly have that hot body? Although the priest-in-training flirts with pride (listen to him during the chess match) and lust (for the redhead) he evidently never commits a mortal sin (or, if he does, he humbly & quickly repents rather than revel in it like the others). And shouldn't Alvin know you can't make honest deals with the "father of lies"? Anyway, no one can argue that the film glorifies the various negative behaviors because, well, you'll see. Also note that someone willingly sacrifices himself/herself, a potent example of agape love, illustrating a Christ-like heart.

One of the top highlights is three of the women: a blonde, brunette and redhead, no less. The succubus is the redhead, played by Erika Blanc. All three are voluptuous; each possessing a distinctive beauty. Their NATURAL curvy-ness is refreshing in comparison to too many modern American actresses who often appear nigh anorexic and artificial, if you know what I mean. It goes without saying that, if you have a lust problem, you might want to skip this one, especially in light of a fairly overt lesbian scene.

Another highlight is Erika Blanc's subtle make-up as the succubus combined with her amazing ability to contort her face from stunningly sharp to utterly hideous. It's pretty chilling.

TECHNICAL INFO: Some versions of the film have a tasteless porno-horror "intro" tacked on. This lengthy "intro" is not part of the original picture and simply has no business being there; in fact, it really mars it. No doubt it was tacked on by some latter-day producer in order to excite pre-pubescent boys ("Oooh, that's cooooool!"). The version featured with "Messiah of Evil" on DVD doesn't have this silly intro, but the sound quality isn't very good. I saw another version that has the intro but the sound quality was fine.

FYI: The original title translated to English is "The Long Night of the Devil" or "The Devil's Longest Night." I feel "The Devil's Nightmare" is weak and much prefer another alternative title (used on the VHS): "The Devil Walks at Midnight."

FINAL WORD: Since this is a Euro film shot in 1970 it's understandably dated, dubbed and slow-paced. The viewer must keep this in mind to appreciate it. Many themes are touched on: Does God exist? What about the devil and his demonic servants? Can he be trusted to make a deal with? (Yeah, right). Is there such a thing as sin? And, if so, what are its consequences? Another fascinating theme is human nature and the continual conflict between spiritual and carnal qualities with which we can all relate. The film also powerfully addresses the self-sacrificial nature of agape love (e.g. Romans 9:3).

Make no mistake this is a powerful piece of Gothic-horror cinema, perhaps even a masterpiece.

The film runs 95 minutes and was shot at Chateau d'Antoing, Antoing, Hainault, Wallonia, Belgium.

GRADE: A (keeping in mind its age and origins)

Generally well made, but not exactly a film for the entire family!

Wow...get a load of the opening titles. The film company must have spent at least 75 cents to get these done! Heck, most YouTube videos have much better production values! Fortunately the rest of the film looked a lot better.

This film is about a group of seven travelers who represent the seven deadly sins all being killed off by a demonic succubus. While that's bad, at least the folks all have a good time before being sent to Hell. It all starts when a tour group is stranded and is forced to seek shelter in a creepy mansion owned by a Baron. Once there, two hot members of the party take a quick break for some gratuitous hot lesbian sex. While probably considered soft-core today, back in 1971 this was very hot and I am surprised the film received an R rating. I always thought it odd that there are so many Italian horror films that mix porn with horror--it must have been a very popular genre back in the 1970s. It's not really a style of film I like to rent--it just looked like a normal everyday horror film from its description on Netflix. Is there anything to it other than just a convenient excuse for some skin? Well, at times no--there is more gratuitous nudity here and there--including a weird but very sexy succubus. But at other times the film does a great job of capturing the mood--it is scary and very well-crafted and didn't need all the nudity to be worth seeing--even if many of the characters are one-dimensional and silly. It's not exactly film to show your kids or mother-in-law--that's for sure! I'd give a 5--it has its moments but all the nudity seems irrelevant and the film's quality varies wildly at times--from wonderful to cheesy.

Gothic horror meets Victoria's Secret

What exactly would be considered a nightmare for the devil? Would it be going to heaven perhaps? Regardless of the confusing title The Devil's Nightmare has nothing to do with Satan's lack of sleep rather it concerns a family curse in the Von Rhoneberg bloodline which condemns the firstborn daughter to an existence as a Succubus. After the Baron sacrificed his daughter following the death of his wife during World War II he retires to the family castle where he studies alchemy in the basement. The story picks up some thirty years later as seven travelers become sidetracked by a road closure and are guided to the Von Rhoneburg castle to stay the night. Upon arrival they are each given rooms where the begin to act in the manner of whatever deadly sin is assigned to them, i.e. gluttony constantly stuffs his face, sloth is always sleeping etc. One of the seven happens to be a priest, which sin he represents I have no idea, who is wary of Lisa, another unannounced guest, who seems intent on corrupting the man of God. Turns out Lisa is a Succubus who dispatches the guests in the very act that defines each character. At least it starts that way as the glutton is fed a poisoned meal and the greedy woman is drowned in gold dust which if I'm not mistaken is what happened to Scrooge McDuck on the series finale of Ducktales. When the priest refuses the sexual advances of the Succubus, I would have failed in the first minute, he has to not only battle her but the Devil himself who more resembles a dying cancer patient rather than the living embodiment of evil.

At least Devil's Nightmare knows how to keep your attention as it features plenty of scantily clad women while the meandering storyline ratchets up the action. One of these tactics is a lesbian tryst between two of the doomed guests when the gorgeous blond refuses to sleep alone. Plots and story lines give way to bras and panties which I'm not complaining. What saves this film from the countless other Eurotrash horror movies is the performance of Erika Blanc as Lisa the Succubus. While either in her seductive form complete with her tight, flesh baring dress or the pale skinned monster herself Blanc absolutely commands every scene she's in. The makeup used to mark her darker side, while not much, is still pretty effective as she switches between sexy vixen and fearsome beast. My one complaint is taking away the main trait of the Succubus which is the loss of life via the act of sexual intercourse. Erika Blanc screwing to death the guests would have made a better film in my opinion. Still, this is one of the better Gothic horror movies with the right amount of sleaze and gore to keep you interested. Should of been called the Devil's Wet Dream.
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