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Directors: Tom McGrath [Director] ,

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The Templeton brothers have become adults and drifted away from each other, but a new boss baby with a cutting-edge approach is about to bring them together again - and inspire a new family business.


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Lives up to its predecessor.

The Boss Baby: Family Business continues with the adventures of the Templeton siblings, Ted(Alec Baldwin) & Tim(James Marsden). Ted & Tim have drifted away from each other, over the years. A new boss baby is going to reunite them again, on a brand new mission.

The Boss Baby: Family Business is a superb film. Director Tom McGrath has given us a movie that's entertaining & heartfelt, at the same time. The new family dynamics are a welcome addition to this franchise. The animation is phenomenal. The 3D is eye-popping & is utilized to perfection in every scene. The slapstick humor gets a tad bit silly after a while but, kids will love every minute of it. The voice acting is the highlight of the film. Alec Baldwin is outstanding as Boss Baby(Ted). James Marsden is spectacular as Tim. Amy Sedaris is amazing as Tina. Ariana Greenblatt is awe-inspiring as Tabitha. Greenblatt nails all her performances & has a bright future ahead of her. Jeff Goldblum is unforgettable as Dr. Armstrong. Eva Longoria, Jimmy Kimmel & Lisa Kudrow are brilliant as Carol, Grandpa(Ted Sr.) & Grandma(Janice), respectively. The supporting cast is memorable. The Boss Baby: Family Business is a must watch for The Boss Baby(2017) fans. Go with your family & have an absolute blast!

Funny and entertaining...

"The Boss Baby: Family Business" is an Animation - Comedy movie and the sequel of "The Boss Baby", in which we are some years later when the Templeton brothers are adults and a new boss baby needs their help for a very important mission.

Since I had already watched the first movie I was familiar with the context so, I knew what to expect. The direction which was made again by Tom McGrath as in the first movie, it was very good and he continued the great job along with the use of the voices of many brilliant actors and actresses. For one more time Alec Baldwin's voice as Boss Baby (Ted) was very good and James Marsden's voice as Tim was fitted on the role. To sum up, I have to say that "The Boss Baby: Family Business" is an entertaining movie and I am sure you will have great time watching it therefore I recommend you to first watch "The Boss Baby", and after this movie.

Dont waste your time. Disappointment.

Just to churn out money they make sequels and even ruin the original. Maybe hollywood need to hire voice actors again instead of hiring boring stars to do voice overs. Trailer was more interesting than the whole movie. Stretched it too far. Absolute disappointment.
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