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A father brings up his baby girl as a single dad after the unexpected death of his wife who died a day after their daughter's birth.


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The critics were harsh

Somehow, Kevin Hart hits funny and serious at the same time and it's surprising. There are a few good jokes (nothing hilarious) but I have sat crying at points where the film hits a bit close to reality. Other than 'Jack and Sarah', there aren't enough movies addressing widowers coping as single parents and asking the serious questions about what happens in that situation.

Kevin's character is supported by the predictable side kick friends and bolstered by his mum and mother in law, all well played. I'd highly recommend this film as a happy medium for a guy who wants Kevin Hart comedy and his parter, who wants a serious undertone film.

He did that

They did that! I don't want to give anything away.. I watched this movie without knowing or reading anything more than the title and Kevin Hart's name on Netflix. Must see for pretty much everyone who has a heart. Has the BEST acting from the main characters. Based on a true story, stays very relatable and believable.

A different side to heart

This films shows a side the Kevin heart that we was still to see on the big screen! Unlike previous films such as ride along ,get hard and jumanji ,This emotional roller coaster of a film shows Matthew(kevin heart) loose his wife liz(Deborah ayorinde) shortly after giving birth to there baby girl maddy. Matthew obviously grief stricken takes it on to raise maddy alone which gives us and emotional yet funny 1h 49m of film. Kevin hart shows he has deeper levels than just comedy with this performance.

An emotional start but has a feel good ending well worth the watch.
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