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Action | Adventure
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25 fps
ger 5.1  
Run Time:
97 min
IMDB Rating:
5.4 / 10 
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Directors: Arend Agthe [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Dr. Henry Wiese went to the Afghan front, his wife Helen, also MD, refused to follow and even threatened with divorce. Kid son Samuel 'Sammi' now clings completely to the hamster Raffi he received from dad. He even gets the vet to perform expensive surgery on the pet rodent, but on the way home it gets accidentally kidnapped by Rocky, a just paroled car thief. Caught in her own lies, Sammi's mean sister Molly and her nice boyfriend Jochen must help search for Raffi, who wanders into adventures and a TV studio 'show starring' door-choosing hamsters, arousing enmity. —KGF Vissers


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My friend Raffi- a film with humor and drama on both sides

My friend Raffi is a wonderful film for children and parents. The hamster shots are very special. Haven't seen such exciting real animal shots before. The camera work is clear and expressive. Always from the view point of the main character, who is a child and even of the hamster. That makes the story very authentic. Structure and pace of the film supports the needs of the child that struggles very hard between a woman dominated society and the loss of the father. The film is warm hearted and a must for families that like humor and drama on both sides. We are a bilingual family and saw the film with English subtitles. Hope that it will be dubbed in English.
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