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Cannibal Troll (2021) 1080p - Movie Poster
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25 fps
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5.2 / 10 
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Directors: Scott Jeffrey [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A group of female friends on a hen-do go camping, only to find themselves hunted down by a troll..


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Whoa, save yourself

Seriously, save yourself from this, whatever it is. Bad script, bad acting, bad movie , way too long - 2 stars as I managed to stay with it until the end, only fast forwarded a few times. It's 2021 and they still think its ok to push out this crap. If there was nudity in this, I'd have given it an extra star. Not going on my recommendation list.

nice linguistical diction...

But a hopelessly unimpressive made horror movie of used up tricks and ideas that levaes you on the trail of damnation without guessing., sooo lets all see it come enbodied by 6 english lasses on a fieldtrip rural british countryside, the cannibal monster unveils itself already from the intro so no secret card held to the chest.

Technically its pure average, though with mike shadows here and there and some blown away sound recordings. The acting aint strong, and the dry lips syndrome is highly vindictive and unfolds an actors incomprehensiveness and skill trough all that liplicking and wrinckled foreheads.

So its a try and a bye from the grumpy old man. Not a recommend.

Cannibal Troll??? What a stupid name

The worst acting ever... Horrible quality, the troll costume looks like it's from party city. Stupid Scenes and terrible script for the actors!!!
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