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Biography | Comedy
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23.976 fps
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113 min
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6.8 / 10 
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Directors: Euros Lyn [Director] ,

Movie Description:
The film tells the inspiring true story of Dream Alliance, an unlikely race horse bred by small town Welsh bartender Jan Vokes (Academy Award? nominee Toni Collette). With very little money and no experience, Jan convinces her neighbors to chip in their meager earnings to help raise Dream in the hopes he can compete with the racing elites. The group's investment pays off as Dream rises through the ranks with grit and determination and goes on to race in the Welsh Grand National, showing the heart of a true champion. —Bleecker Street


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Feel Good Movie

I really enjoyed this movie. The characters really made the movie. A real feel good movie!


I only had to see the trailers to give this one a hard pass. Clearly predictable and full of cliches. And to make a movie about horse racing when we know how abusive the industry is, is simply reprehensible. I would have thought Toni Collette would have thought a bit beyond her paycheck for this schmaltz.

You're no daisy! (Tombstone 1993)

We all understand that this era has not been kind to filmgoers. But that does not mean clapping hands for films that do not deserve it. For this genre, 2003's SEABISCUIT is the daisy -- the best in class. (And listed in my list of most re-watchable films of all time). Top stars are wasted here a 2-hr script that mostly runs in circles.
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