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Drifting from town to town, the poncho-clad Man with No Name and the lightning-fast right hand rides into the town of El Paso, in search of the maniacal escaped convict, El Indio. It's been eighteen short months since the deadly confrontation in Per un pugno di dollari (1964), and this time, the solitary stranger, now a professional bounty hunter, will have to go against his beliefs and do the unthinkable: join forces with the hawk-eyed marksman, Colonel Douglas Mortimer, to collect the hefty reward. Now, as El Indio and his cut-throats have already set their sights on robbing the crammed-with-cash Bank of El Paso, the stage is set for a bloody showdown at high noon, against the backdrop of silent double-crosses and fragile allegiances. But, is it worth dicing with death for a few dollars more? —Nick Riganas


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It's been years since I watched this movie and it was just pure nostalgia for me. I remember watching this movie m as my times with my Dad and especially on a Sunday night, late on BBC2. Anyway enough about me. This has always been my favourite of the trilogy. I love the Eastwood and Van Cleef chemistry. The back story of the watch is great and the baddie has to be one of the best villains of all time. Just crazy and scary psycho crazy who makes you feel uncomfortable throughout. The final shootout is one of the best you will see and the score is amazing especially the watch music. It's epic on every scale, never dates and the heroes are still super cool. Just pure cinema.

The cool, the clinical and the not-so-nice

Hired for the same job, two bounty hunters (Eastwood and Van Cleef) must first get over each other in order to bring justice to Gian Maria Volonte. Each has their own unique style which could be an asset or a hindrance to the task at hand. A beautifully crafted Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western with plenty of blood, sweat and bullets.

This is the second film in the Dollars trilogy (or Man with No Name trilogy, or even the Blood Money trilogy), the first being "A Fistful of Dollars" and the last being "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". Be careful how you interpret the word trilogy though, these aren't linked, they are just a good collection of films with similar actors in.

This film isn't just a great western, but it's actually a great film outside the world of the genre too (yes it is a western, but think of how it's constructed in comparison to other films, all he ingredients are there!). It's exciting, gripping and has lots of atmosphere and emotion. The 3 central stars, Eastwood, Van Cleef, and Volonte) all deliver great performances. Wrapped up in Leone's brilliant direction and writing, with Ennio Morricone's perfect musical score - this is a fantastic film all around. What Leone does particularly well, apart from painting an absorbing artistic canvas on screen with scenery and characters, is to show that good guys and bad guys can overlap. To become a hero sometimes the good guy has to do bad things. Likewise, the bad guy sometimes do have good side or morality.

Due to being created to depict a certain period of time, the film itself doesn't lose anything with age. As good today as it was in the 60's.

????????? 9/10

The best classic spaghetti western in the Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood trilogy!

For a Few Dollars More (1965) is the best Clint Eastwood Western movie and one of my favorite personal classic western flicks ever! It is my third favorite in "The Man with No Name" Trilogy. I grew up watching this film and it was the first Clint Eastwood western movie I ever saw, I fall immediately in love with it and I just love this movie. It is Sergio Leone's best western film of all time my favorite. It is entraining and brilliant western flick with a great original epic story, great cast and the acting is fantastic. You have a great shoot outs, the music score is original epic. I always enjoy this film. It is my favorite Eastwood western movie.

In my opinion It is Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood's classic film that they ever made together. Westerns like this film doesn't exit this days anymore. I have enjoyed For a Few Dollars More a lot. I love this one to death. The film is very entertained, is not boring and It has a good plot and story to tell. The characters, the action shooting sequences are just amazing and awesome. Sergio Leone does what he wanted to do with the film, and become one of the greatest epic classic western movies. I love this movie to death and it is my favorite film! There are other western films that Clint Eastwood made and directed but this one will be one of his best films in the history ever.

The first film was more about one hero but in this film there are two heroes. The bullets, the shooting is outstanding. The gun fights are awesome. This is a Western that simply delivers the goods, and it does so with a spectacular marriage of style and substance. From the opening scenes with Cleef and Eastwood, to the scenes in El Paso, and then into the set pieces in the stone ruins in the Mexico desert, For a Few Dollars More displays the utmost skill by Leone in his storytelling, as well as in his use of the camera.

The film is intelligent when Col. Douglas Mortimer suggested that the way to break the gang will be easy with one man from the inside of the gang (Monco) , because his younger. The story telling from El Indio about a carpenter who made a big closet were the safe was hiding in it was just plain brilliant.Monco breaks one of Indio's friends out of prison and is admitted to the gang, to prove his loyalty was awesome. The watch that Indio opens during the gun fight scenes and when the song stops by the watch he draw his gun and shoot anyone in the gun fight with him that was so awesome. The last showdown between Col. Douglas Mortimer and El Indio when the song stopped was TERRIFIC!

Why I love this movie? Simply because of Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef. I love Lee Van Cleef so much in here because he plays the good guy, he kills bunch of outlaws whit his riffle. He befriends Monco and he kills El Inido on the end. He doesn't split the reward with Monco , but he lets him have it, the money on a honest way. Clint Eastwood as Monco did a fantastic job in one of his best performances as Bounty Killer Monco. He also kills bunch of outlaws, he also shoot Mortimer's hat, he never shoots an Innocent or unarmed person, that is why I love this actor and his character so much. Gian Maria Volonté did a good job on another style he also never shoot unarmed person, he only did that once for a women he fall in love. Mortimer's sister, on the end of the film it was reveled why Col. Douglas Mortimer was hunting El Indio and his gang. He was doing it for both: Justice and Revenge, while Monco just wanted to get money and become rich, but he changed his mind after he saw how Indio is evil and cruel person. The gun fight between Col. Douglas Mortimer and Juan Wild - The Hunchback ( Klaus Kinski) in the bar was fantastic! How Col. Douglas Mortimer killed him. I love this film to death I love it! Sergio Leone did a fantastic job directing this awesome flick in fact I think it is his masterpiece. The film that changed the western movies today and I love the music score from Ennio Morricone. The dialogue and the script was amazing, the weapons used in this film are awesome and they are used well. Action is plenty in the film.

What else do you want in an spaghetti Western film like this at all?! The fact is this is the greatest western ever made in the history. I love this film to death! It is my third favorite film in the Dollars trilogy. This movie is a perfect 10 it is my personal favorite western movie.
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