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Drama | Fantasy
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95 min
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6.4 / 10 
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Directors: Ben Shelton [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A young engaged man on the verge of success meets a beautiful woman he can inexplicably connect with in his dreams.


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What a beautiful love story!

The film was based around a very unique and exciting storyline which encouraged you to think beyond the normal boundaries of reality and imagine the impossible.

This is the idea that you can meet people in your dreams.

The concept of your sole mate being out there somewhere whether that is in your dreams or beyond is very endearing.

The fact that the individuals met when he already had a fiancée added an extra moral standing to the film.

The film is well wrote and directed.

Well worth a watch!!

Not what it is ...

... and it is not a romantic movie.

What I got out of this story is a young man who is sinking fast into mental illness and self delusion. Ben cannot define when he is awake from when he is asleep. It happens so much in this movie even the viewer falls into this reality vs. not reality trap.

His fiancé even states he becomes insecure after every decision he makes. His mother is a psychotherapist, his fiancé's father is a psychotherapist and Ben studied to be one. Yet he is his worst patient because he believes that Nadia is real - we the viewer are never really told she is real - maybe his first meeting her was just a dream. When Ben is with Nadia the colors change in the setting.

When Ben finally finds Nadia his real self and his dream self are indecipherable by himself and the viewer. Therefore I believe this movie is more about mental illness than romance.

A real review - Good plot, mediocre execution

The movie is nowhere near a 10/10 perfect movie. A 5 or 6 sounds much more correct. Overall, the movie is so-so. It has an interesting concept, but with no real fleshing out of the idea, it stays as only an interesting concept and never makes the leap to interesting product. The pacing is really slow, the scenes are repetitive and monotonous, and the acting is subpar even for an indie movie. I give the guy credit for trying, he clearly has the drive. What he doesn't have is the skill to pull off a low budget sci-fi movie. Nothing unexpected happens here, you could call out the entire movie's story based solely on the plot description. Needless to say the ending happens, and it is VERY underwhelming. You're left thinking, that's it? I wanted to like it more, low budget cerebral sci-fi can be my faves (primer or donnie darko for example) This however missed the mark, and needed some more time put into the writing to really figure out what to do with this plot. As it is now, they had no idea where to take it. And it really shows. Worth seeing if you're a big fan of the genre, otherwise just skip it...
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