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In 2016, almost anyone you asked, or any poll you consulted, pointed you to a Hillary Clinton landslide. The Accidental President is a balanced feature documentary that is seeking to answer one question - How the hell did Donald Trump win?


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this is a good documentary...

For all of us other bystanders that cant decide nor vote because were not part of the system, like me, a grumpy old norwegian, that wasnt shocked when trump won, but more shocked that the media management still havent been able to speak clearly how he did win... therefore docus like this is made, and i just devour them because its a 3 star worthy michelin menu every time im encountering shrines like this, that fulfills my appetite on my conviction that usa is like a stew of every kinda meat and vegetables that exists on this earth , boiled in a pressure cooker, and out comes the star spangled banner of the great land of the strong and the free, and i believe 80% of americans with hand held at the heartroot that that is the truth, when the real answer ultimately shows the direct opposite.

So whether youre a dem or a gop or a crook, elections like 2016 came out as a result of a societal disease, a protest like every protests, cause americans loves to protest, and sue and hope...and the weird thing is that the public never wins, they loose every battle from rounding up on a sidewalk for something, fighting union issues, a phrase that almost has ceased to exist, and the winner actually tries to overkill and dump back to communist russia. How could the grassroot of the proud people of america embrace such a candidate??? Its a simple answer, there were no real opponent.

I would have loved to see the whole interviews uncut by each ''knowhower'' that were sampled to make this documentary, each and everyone of it yes, therefore whether black or white, dem. Or rep., do entertain yourself with this overanalysed phenomenon called trump once again, they called him a political alien in the beginning, and maybe he is an alien... from deep space... communicating via the antenna on top of the golden pyramide on top of the trump tower, being dictated by the dark forces of dark matter somewhere out there??? Im just joking...though i guess some will thumb me up for this idea anyway

a recommend from the grumpy old man.

Worst president ever could not cheat again and win

Trump used every corrupt trick in the book and stole the election from Hillary Clinton. He was a big landslide loser against Biden despite using the same tactics. This is why Trump is so adamant that he should have beat Biden.

A pretty good overview where America lost the plot.

Although it can be argued that this circus was not accidental, but an inevitable outcome of the American nightmare of neo-liberalism, this documentary does provide a insight of the psyche of American culture and how polarisation, hyper-individualism, bigotry and greed have manifested themselves in the current US zeitgeist.

At least the documentary does not paint as bleak a picture as many fear that the US is beyond saving and its downfall is unstoppable. There might be a slim change this is not the case, but for that to work, thoughts and prayers are not enough.
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