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  • Plan B (2021) 4K - Movie Scene 1
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  • Plan B (2021) 4K - Movie Scene 1

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A cute and fun tween film.

It wasn't as funny for a comedy as I expected, but it was well directed, and casting and performances were decent, and the two leads had realistic chemistry. The writing had some plot and technical issues, and the 107 runtime needed to be trimmed down to at most 90 mins. Otherwise a decent one-time watch.

Is it impossible to make a good comedy today??

I was very hyped about this movie especially seeing all the 10/10 reviews from reviewers, but once again it turned out to be a political promotion only. From the very beginning, the film torments the viewer with a political message, enormous vulgarity and objectification of the human body, here the male body. What's all this for? Why does American comedy today have to be like this? I would like to say something positive about the actresses in this film and their characters, but there is nothing to say here. It is all shallow and it seems to repeat the same boring patterns over and over again. The US stopped making good comedies, and I really stopped hoping.

I don't get how this is getting good ratings

This movie was so unfunny that I felt the need to create an account just to write this review. Not funny at all and the "jokes" are just crude and uncomfortable and not in a good way.
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