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5.2 / 10 
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Directors: Evan Spiliotopoulos [Director] ,

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A hearing-impaired girl is visited by the Virgin Mary and can suddenly hear, speak, and heal the sick. As people flock to witness her miracles, terrifying events unfold. Are they the work of the Virgin Mary or something much more sinister?


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Great for a horror movie lover

Who cares, i love this movie. Its entertaining. I think Jeff is good in playing the leading role.

Nice Movie

I really do not understand why people drops a negative review on something they cant practically do. I personally enjoyed the movie and there is really a lesson to learn. Thank you.

Jeffery Dean Morgan Chose This Film For A Reason

Without spoilers. I'm not in the habit of making reviews especially long drawn out ones. Unlike your usual jump scares and what's going on and befuddling it gets straight to the story. A underpaid journalist who used to make up stories that sell he now is doing stupid assignments for stupid money like $150 bucks after getting sacked for old antics. He's broke he's desperate, and Is told to look at some tedious case, he tries his old antics by making it into a story only this time he doesn't have to make anything up as he realises. It's faced paced. I love the interaction with him and the young girl, it's them who make the movie shine. It's not making your head explode with long drawn out moments. It gets into the heat of the story from the get go. It has everything for everyone even if you aren't a horror enthusiast but someone has made you watch it with them. It's original and that's why I see why JDM chose this as his next film project. Please don't listen to the bad reviews with a decent actor playing lead and the leading young lady whom they share a great connection in this it just makes you want to watch it more. Decide for yourself.

I'm 30 mins in and I'm gripped and usually I turn off about then as some horrors are bad dialogue etc.

Horror movies are always going to have bad ratings & reviews as they aren't real or realistic but that's why people watch them which is what these bad reviewers forget. It's a lot easier to be negative in this world then positive especially behind a keyboard. I've made a bad review don't get me wrong but it's not often I review anyway & it's only when I need to give a bad review.

I'm going to review every movie I watch from now on if time. It won't be long but it might help get good films seen. It's why I always rate the movie once I've saw it, so it helps the rates but reviews are what makes a film be watched. I encourage you to do the same even if it's a few lines especially if you liked it but there's to many bad reviews. It will help some poor soul have faith into watching it.

A TIP BELOW THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MOVIE, IT ALSO GETS YOU MORE INVOLVED WITH IMDB, it will also help IMDb to recommend you with films your interested in.

I also create lists, movies that I've watched, movies to avoid, shows I've seen, my fav shows etc. I do this as well cos boy I watch a lot of films/shows and due to that I forget what I've watched. So now after watching a film I add it to my list of watched. If you don't already do this I'd advise you to start to as I'm sure you've sat down to watch a movie at one point only to realise you've watched it before. Also always give movies 15-20 mins to see if it's your style. Some movies get better as they go along but that's just a select few films that do this.
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