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Directors: Dean Francis [Director] ,

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In the cloistered world of competitive surf-lifesaving, an Australian hero is de-throned as the reigning champion by a younger, gay competitor. He embarks on a campaign of intimidation and bullying against the newcomer but is forced to confront his own repressed homoerotic desire. A booze-fueled night out brings jealousy, homophobic fear and unrequited lust to a tragic and shocking climax.


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The Cruelty and Abuse was difficult to watch!!!

Strong acting and good-looking shirtless lifeguards running around in speedos cannot redeem this sadistic mess of a film.

I didn't need to see this. No redemption, growth or meaningful message here. You already know there are sick people out there that take out their cruelty on others ...do you really enjoy watching it? I found this similar to watching a serial killer slowly torturing their victim (who we have grown emotionally attached to).

If you want to see some hot guys and a quick penis shot; simply watch some internet porn instead! You won't feel so empty, upset and emotionally drained afterwards.

The saddness of a marginal man

For the past a few decades, we've seen a lot of positive change in terms of LGBT rights in some part of the world (mostly the Western societies). For lucky some, it is now not an issue at all to be a gay and live as one. But not everybody's that lucky. If your background or social standing does not support it, it still is a struggle to face one's sexuality and the pain is somewhat felt even sharper due to the relative deprivation to those who fly their rainbow flag openly.

Len is from an unprivileged background, where being a traditional man is still the norm. He lives alone with his ill (and homophobic) dad and works at a landfill. His one straw that keeps his head high and proud is being a long standing champion from surf-lifesaving competition, a symbol of his aggressive masculinity. Then comes a newcomer to the lifesaver's club; Meat is younger, handsome, smart, from a middle class background, and dares to live out his gay-self (though still closeted in the masculinity dominated club). Len is jealous of Meat for all what he isn't, and desires him at the same time. The tension between the conflicting emotions finally breaks when Meat beats him at the lifesaving competition and dethrones him from his single proud relic.

The whole film basically evolves around the intense psychology of Len - his deep rooted insecurity and aggression to hide it, his homosexual desire and self hatred for it. As much as he tries to go on top of the macho world he lives in, he becomes in the end his own victim, and this irony kills him. The film as a whole may occasionally fails to make every detail convincing, but delivers Len's emotional intensity effectively if not anything else.

I think it's a worthy addition to the list gay themed films from recent years for addressing the pain of people living in the marginal world. After all we still have professional footballer committing suicide under the pressure of the world around him forcing in the closet.

Thought provoking and visceral indie fare

The most cinematic looking Australian film I've seen, considering it was dirt cheap to make that just shows the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the filmmakers to keep us engaged and not get wound up on the little things. The film is shot in an unconventional, hypnotic style similar to (good) Terence Malick films and contains moments of nightmarish surrealism. The audience is successfully implanted into Len's mind state, with his nihilistic viewpoints burrowing under our skin and confronting us with the messy, confusing playground that is life. The absurdness and harmful elements of the idea of masculinity (bullying, peer pressure, risk taking behaviour) are hurtled towards us like asteroids, like all the memorable films, it doesn't cutely slip in its message with smugness but delivers it with sledgehammer force. The film is ugly, unpleasant, and unflinching, but that is exactly the point of it so those really can't be used as complaints. If it made you sick, it has done it's job. Homophobia is not a cute issue and should never be treated as such. There are sprinkles of dark humour in it too for those who need a bit of relief, but you won't have much time to breathe, it will pull you back in before you can. If you want to challenge yourself and your viewpoints, give it a watch, make sure it's on a big screen too.
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