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Action | History
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Directors: Osman Kaya [Director] ,

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The true story of 7 oddly dressed fearless men of Ottoman army fight against cruel Vlad.


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cheap propaganda

One of the most grotesque propaganda distorting of historical truth.

The movie mentions "justice against cruelty"but it got it all the wrong way.

In fact it was prince Vlad Tepes who brought justice against Ottoman cruelty if only for a short time.

All punishments Vlad used were lessons learned during his tormented childhood and captive existence in Turkey. Impaling had been an ottoman punishment before his time.

In the struggle against Ottoman spiritual destruction, theft and domination, Vlad Tepes in Wallachia, along with his cousin Stephen the Great of Moldavia, have inflicted significant victories that stalled the Ottoman plans to run over Europe.

Their deeds gave time to european rulers to prepare and bring the Ottoman expansion to a halt in the following centuries.

After many geopolitical setbacks, a determined Bulgarian Serbian and Greek coalition would eventually push Turkish presence almost out of Europe in 1912.


Erdowhat is his name should be in the credentials as director

Poorly Done Anti-History (aka. Agitprop)

Fanciful complete inversion of history; depicting Ottoman invaders as noble and good, and Romanian defenders of their land as evil. The acting is as stilted as you'll ever see, too bad to even be comical. The pacing, action and plot flow is confusing and choppy, lacking any continuity. Not worth the time of even a free viewing.
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