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Drama | Film-Noir
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Directors: Irving Pichel [Director] ,

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On trial for murder, Larry Ballentine regurgitates an unbelievable story. He recounts how he philanders with other women while his rich, loving wife Greta tries to keep him in line. According to Larry, his girlfriend Verna dies accidentally in a car crash and his distraught wife tosses herself over a cliff after he runs out on her. The jury has a tough decision on this one.


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Top Six of my all-time B&W favorites. Top-notch actors and acting....

"I'm no Saturday afternoon girl, Larry."

Outstanding film noir melodrama with Robert Young cast against type as a philanderer on trial for murder. Through flashbacks, he tells the jury about how he's a selfish womanizer who cheated on his rich wife (Rita Johnson) with her friend (Jane Greer) and a co-worker (Susan Hayward) but denies he's a murderer.

Robert Young has one of his best film roles here, as does Rita Johnson. Noir goddess Jane Greer is fine in a 'good girl' role. Susan Hayward is dynamite as a libidinous woman who falls for Young in spite of herself. The script is smart and full of hard-boiled lines. The story takes many twists and turns but it always manages to feel believable, even when it's anything but. The memorable final scene is one of the best from any film noir. Nice cinematography from Harry J. Wild and excellent direction from the often underrated Irving Pichel. Tense, suspenseful movie that will please most noir fans. Definitely recommended.

Touched by the hand of God/Satan.

They Won't Believe Me is directed by Irving Pichel and adapted to screenplay by Jonathan Latimer from a story by Gordon McDonell. It stars Robert Young, Susan Hayward, Jane Greer and Rita Johnson. Music is by Roy Webb and cinematography by Harry J. Wild.

Larry Ballentine (Young) is on trial for murder and he tells his story in flashback. Three dames and fate does not a good mix make.

"She looked like a very special kind of dynamite, neatly wrapped in nylon and silk. Only I wasn't having any. I'd been too close to one explosion already. I was powder shy".

A splendid slice of noir drama is put together by a group of film makers who knew how to make the noir style of film making work. The story has all the requisite ingredients to lure the interested viewers in, twists and turns, vipers and snipers, dialogue so sharp you could cut a steak with it, and a love rat protagonist (Young splendid in a break from his normal roles) being toyed with by Old Noir Nick and his friend The Fate.

In true noir tradition the plot is a little "out there", the middle section drags at times, while Harry Wild's cinematography doesn't kick in till a good hour into the play (worth the wait though!). But this is a little noir treasure waiting to be seen by more people. It's not unknown, the cast list ensures that is not the case, but in film noir circles it doesn't often crop up for discussion. It should, for it's tricky and devilish and pays off with a finale straight out of noirville. 8/10
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