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Action | Western
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105 min
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5.7 / 10 
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Directors: Paul Wendkos [Director] ,

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With six of the original Seven decimated after the life-altering events in The Magnificent Seven (1960) and Return of the Seven (1966), the team's sole survivor, Chris Adams, is recruited to free the incarcerated Mexican revolutionary, Quintero. As the rebels do battle with the ruthless dictator, Diaz, and his pitiless right-hand man, Colonel Diego, legendary Chris enlists the help of a lethal sextet of professional gunfighters to rescue the brave leader of the Revolution. Now, once more, Chris' men are called in to save the day. Can the outnumbered Magnificent Seven pull off a glorious victory?


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Only George Kennedy Stands Out

Mediocre Western to say the least. Nothing new in regards to a plot except for some sadistic scenes of needless violence. Some really bad acting and overacting, especially from Joe Don Baker. George Kennedy is his usual good self and is the only thing worthwhile about this film. If it's storming or snowing outside, or you are home with the flu, this movie will help kill a few hours. Aside from that, not much to get excited about.

Cowards die many deaths. The brave only one.

Ever likeable George Kennedy takes over the role of enigmatic problem solving stranger Chris from Yul Brynner. Chris is approached by passionate young Mexican Maximiliano (Reni Santoni) to rescue revolutionary leader Quintero (Fernando Rey) from a seedy jail. Once again, Chris will assemble a new team of seven for the task, including amiable Keno (Monte Markham), the tough Cassie (Bernie Casey, in his film debut), sickly P.J. (Scott Thomas), the crippled Slater (Joe Don Baker), and his old friend, family man Levi (James Whitmore). The villain will be a sadistic Mexican colonel named Diego (Michael Ansara), who has numbers on his side.

The formula for this series still works quite well, and the execution is very good if not inspired. (Capable journeyman filmmaker Paul Wendkos is in the directors' chair for this one.) It features an array of thoroughly engaging performances, rousing action sequences, lovely Spanish scenery, that score by Elmer Bernstein that is still extremely catchy, and violence that is effective without ever getting too gory for some tastes.

It will take some getting used to seeing Kennedy in the central role; after all, he looks nothing like Brynner, and isn't nearly as tight-lipped as him. But he rises to the occasion, and is believable as a mission leader dealing with a variety of personalities on his team. (The only actor who doesn't come off as well is Thomas, but that's no slight on him personally; it's just that not much is done with his role.) Other top talents in other roles include Frank Silvera as hearty big-talker Lobero, the sexy Wende Wagner as Tina, and appealing child actor Tony Davis as Emil, who never gets overly cutesy in the role. Ansara is a solid villain who does some nasty things, but he never really goes over the top, with fairly controlled line delivery.

Overall, this third entry in the series is quite entertaining, a bit better than "Return of the Seven" and taking a comfortable second place behind the classic original 1960 film.

Followed by "The Magnificent Seven Ride!" in 1972.

Eight out of 10.

Don't Recapture Old Flame

George Kennedy is no Yul Brynner and Monte Markham is no Steve McQueen and on and on and on. Guns of the Magnificent Seven went in a slightly different direction than the two Magnificent Seven movies that preceded it.

What's the same?

Mexico.Farmers.An injustice.Seven fighters.Pretty Mexican woman falling for one of the fighters.

What's different?

The enemy.The cast.The run time.

The differences aid the movie a lot more than the similarities with the exception of the cast. It's not that the cast was bad, it's just that they weren't the original Magnificent Seven and that will always be a negative.
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