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Comedy | Sport
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100 min
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4.9 / 10 
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Directors: Yen-Ping Chu [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Fang Shijie is found as a baby in the garbage and raised at a martial arts academy. With the help of a man, he gets into college and is promoted to the basketball championship as he searches for his real parents.


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Just really fun and entertaining!

Technically, it may not be on par with films that deserve a 7 star rating, but it sure is entertaining. Its iconic original soundtrack by Jay Chou, paired with fun and entertaining kung fu and basketball scenes makes this an iconic gem in many asian millenial and gen-zs lives.

In yo face

Well sometimes quite literally. Not in a way Basketball is supposed to be played. Then again, I sometimes dreamt of playing a few sports like the Shaw Brothers would have taught me. Flying through the air and all that. Might not be fair to be honest, but then again the bad guys don't play fair either, do they know? That was rhetorical, because they obviously don't.

Having said all that, this is quite cliche and you can actually see where this is going. If you don't mind that, go ahead and watch it and enjoy the romp for what it is. Some fantasy come through, with many flaws and predictable as can be ... but you know fun

Shaolin Soccer's sibling that should have been aborted

This movie is terrible. Cringy acting. Nonsensical story with no depth any sort. It tries to piggy back on the success of Shaolin Soccer using Kung Fu in sports but falls so short. The comedy is forced and really ridiculous. I mean like super duper ridiculous. To the point where its just cringy as opposed to funny. Then the drama and back story. Omg. I can't even. If you want to watch something mindless with a little bit of fun for the younger members of the family then do so. But if you have better things to do with the two hours or so then leave it. My advice is to leave it. Leave it well and truly alone.
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