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Action | Thriller
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119 min
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7.4 / 10 
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Directors: Guy Ritchie [Director] ,

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The plot follows H, a cold and mysterious character working at a cash truck company responsible for moving hundreds of millions of dollars around Los Angeles each week.


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Great cast. Understand that JS character is not a hero.

A lot is giving away in the trailers for this movie that spoil surprises. I am a big Jeffrey Donovan fan and this is the best performance I've seen Scott Eastwood have. Josh Hartnett is underutilized unfortunately. The back and forth timeline helps improve kind of an ordinary thriller. Please remember when watching this story that Jason Statham's character is not a hero. He's not even an antihero. He is just as bad or worse than the "bad guys". I have seen people online ask questions such as "why didn't he...." And the answer is simple, he is not a good guy so he was not motivated to help others. The title says it al...

Dialogue was pretty bad

After I watched this, I had to check to see who the writers were. The dialogue was so bad...a sort of stylized tough guy terseness combined with some imaginary locker room coarseness, and all of it poorly rendered. No cleverness to the screenplay at all. Good shoot 'em up scenes.

Pathetic remake of Cash Truck 2004

First Ritchie movie that I don't like. Le Convoyeur (Cash Truck) 2004 (french movie starring Fran?ois Berléand, Statham's partner in Transporter series) was not great but probably deserved the 6.5 stars. This copycat is close to awful. Gave it 3 stars for the effort of the secondary leads that were credible enough.

Statham's acting is over the top, probably the Fun and not so furious franchise took it's toll.

Soundtrack is repetitive and annoying, camera pans are less than decent, CGI is comparable to 1995-2000 shooter games. Probably Ritchie discovered Max Payne after 30 years, he even used the famous "bullet time." Flashbacks are overabondant and at least half are not necessary in order to follow the "plot"., thanks to them I understood several times in a row what is actually happening, why, and why not. Thanks, my IQ is way below 70 and I really needed it!

Timing sequence is not cohesive, cuts were put together in a rush, leaving even more cringier discordances than the famous 6 underground. Examples: 7 people allegedly riding 2 quads, a very oxidated silver prius that looks black, armoured truck parked in one place, retrieved a few meters further.

Huge dissappointment, a failed commercial movie that tries unsuccessfully to add depth to the main character. If looking for a cheap (with big budget) see and forget "movie", bother. If not, don't, watch the original, is fresher, even if 17 years older.
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