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Drama | Mystery
Frame Rate:
23.976 fps
Korean 5.1  
Run Time:
99 min
IMDB Rating:
8.1 / 10 
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Directors: Seo Yoo-min [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Disturbing visions about chilling accidents. Post-traumatic memory loss. And a woman's desperate fight to uncover the truth about her past


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What an unexpected twist at the end

This movie is about a woman traumatic past who couldn't remember anything after an accident. Though her husband is taking care of her so much, yet he isn't letting her know or not letting her to get accustomed with others. As the movie flows, she is getting suspicious of her husband more and more. So,she started looking for the truth and surprisingly, she is getting visuals about future and they are really happening in in front of her eyes. One day while she is out of looking out for truth, she finds out he isn't her husband, he is just pretending to be. Moreover,she also got a visual of her husband killing someone. So,what is really going on?

Who he really is?

What is really happening with her?

This movie is quite interesting and breath taking. I almost connected this movie with another Hollywood movie named ''Before I Go to Sleep'' but however it is different. Though it looked similar at first but it isn't. Besides,the twist at the end is awesome, totally Unexpected.

Why did I even watch it

The story seems predictable within first 40min. And hallucination what? Why did you even want to pull Canada into your mess. I seriously do not get the hope.

A very interesting film and must be watched

The storyline is interesting, exciting, and has an ending that really surprises the audience. All the main characters are very good at portraying their respective characters, especially actress Seo Yea Ji, Yeaji's acting is so amazing that it really makes me get carried away to the story of the Movie "Recalled".
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