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Drama | Thriller
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Directors: John Stimpson [Director] ,

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The morning after Trudy, a law school student, unsuspectingly steps into what she believes to be a "NetCar" black sedan, she wakes up confused and alone in a seedy motel-the victim of a roofie and sexual assault. Frustrated by the slow pace of the justice system, she takes matters into her own hands. Becoming NetCar driver herself, Trudy goes on a crusade to find and stop the serial rapist to whom she fell victim.


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This movie will stress you out

The characters in this movie are the STUPIDEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER SEEN, and that's me being nice. You will scream at your tv for the WHOLE movie because their actions are SO STUPID. "RECORD DUMBA**" "PEPPER SPRAY PEPPER SPRAY" "GET OUT OF THE CAR" "YOU REALLY WENT TO THE DINER WHILE YOU KNEW THIS WAS HAPPENING?" Some examples

Stupid story where someones puts a girl in danger just to solve a crime.

Stupid story where someones puts a girl in danger just to solve a crime.

The Wrong Car: Lifetimes best movie?

I'm not the demographic for Lifetime original movies, primarily because I'm male and you know how Lifetime movies play out.

To quote Family guy

Announcer: This Tuesday on Lifetime: Valerie Bertinelli stars in a Lifetime Original Movie.Valerie: Y'know, Doctor, you said you were going to cure my cancer, but all you did was rape me! I'm starting to think I don't have cancer at all.Doctor: Well, you're right. About the rape part. But I'm sorry, you still do have cancer.Valerie: *bursts into tears*Announcer: Valerie Bertinelli in: Men Are Terrible And Will Hurt You Because This Is Lifetime.

Every Lifetime movie is pretty damn misandric. Within moments of the movie starting and with no clues as to what the plot was I assumed rape and that is exactly what the film revolves around.

However despite all this The Wrong Car is a remarkably well made little film which though fairly predictable actually manages to entertain and build to a really quite good finale.

If you don't like Lifetime originals this is still probably not for you and as man it's very easy to be quite offended by these films but for what it is this is fairly good.

The Good:

Oddly good around round

Great finale

The Bad:


Things I Learnt From This Movie:

One day a Lifetime movie will surprise me and it won't be about rape or an abusive partner and every guy in the movie won't be a bad guy. Alas that day is not today
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