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Crime | Drama
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100 min
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6.3 / 10 
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Directors: Joe Wright [Director] ,

Movie Description:
An agoraphobic woman living alone in New York begins spying on her new neighbors, only to witness a disturbing act of violence.


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Acting And Directing Excellence Helps Make-Up For Poorly Adapted Screenplay

A poor screenplay usually yields disappointment, and a low rating attached to my review - and this adapted screenplay is undeniably flawed.

However, the excellent performances of the ensemble of top-line actors in 'The Woman In The Window' makes viewing this long-anticipated movie worth the invested time, and gets a rare poorly-adapted-screenplay hall-pass from me.

Joe Wright's Directing helps as well, delivering unique scene structure and cinematic techniques that pay homage to Alfred Hitchcock and one of his most critically acclaimed films 'Rear Window' - I'm a Hitchcock fan, and even wrote/directed a Hitchcock/Bergman parody as a film student in college out of admiration for their work (actually received honors in a regional film festival despite a super thin budget and use of primitive technology). But personally, I never thought Rear Window deserved its over-the-top praise, coming in as just an "average" Hitchcock film compared to his large body of work.

Hitchcock was a filmmaker's filmmaker, and Wright pays tribute by unabashedly utilizing a large number of classic Hitchcockian camera techniques to set the film's overall suspense tone, build tension and anticipation, establish metaphors, and bring the viewer into the thinking and emotions of the protagonist (eg. Spiraling stairwell scenes, bokeh close-ups, half-face shadowing, elevated camera angles, surreal imagery, dead-silent moments, etc.) that adds a lot of viewing-value to this film imo.

But this film was disappointing in its story telling, especially in its ending where I'm guessing scenes were left on the editing floor. Perhaps the reason the film took so long to release were triage-attempts to re-edit the story back into the film...this almost never works.

Regardless, for me the experience of viewing such deft retro artistic filmmaking by Wright, and witnessing the superb acting performances by the entire cast (led by Amy Adams??), was enough to garner a passing grade from me, and a recommendation to view.

Unconvincing plot and weird characters

This movie is a missed opportunity with the plot being unconvincing. All the supporting characters in the movie also displayed behaviors that I found very unnatural .


Oof! This was tough to watch. The production is almost comical. They took little to no time to develop the characters and the acting was rough at best. The book is worth the read, this movie is not worth the watch.
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