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Directors: Frank Zagarino [Director] ,

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Spiker is a pink-eyed albino serial killer who slashes his victims with railroad spikes and buries the bodies under train tracks. He escapes from an asylum and returns to the small town he terrorized years before.


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It is what it is!

Do not watch this film if you are expecting a serious horror film as you'll be disappointed. However after stumbling upon this film not knowing anything about it, I couldn't stop laughing throughout! I was so hilariously surprised. He picked up about 6 railway spikes that lasted him the whole film! It is very much worth the watch for the laughs, and I'm judging this film on the enjoyment I got off it as it is more funny that some of these comedies coming out today. To top it off it is written I think, directed and starred in by one guy Frank Zagarino, I can just imagine him and his friend (the caretaker guy) at the pub, Frank turning to him saying mate I've got great idea and a spare 10 grand, great stuff!

It's that bad it's actually funny

I must admit I turned it off after roughly 30 minutes. Although in that short period of time I must of spent the majority of it laughing so hard because everything in it is so bad e.g. the story, scenarios and acting etc. I can understand how some films are meant to be bad such as the sharknado franchise but this is a whole new level. I don't actually know whether it's meant to be a comedy or just one hell of a huge embarrassing mistake.If your wondering why I've rated 5/10 even though i couldn't watch anymore of it. Yeah I admit at some points I was laughing hard but there's only so much you can watch till the novelty wares off and then your just stuck with a REALLY BAD film.


Bad movie director Frank Zagarino strikes again with the godawful, no-budget "Spiker," about an escaped convict who likes to kill people by driving railroad spikes into them. Go figure. Some young people decide to spend the weekend at one of the crew's late aunt's house. It turns out the aunt was the Spiker's very first victim -- and now he's coming home! We even get to watch him walking along a railroad line at one point. None of the kids are particularly memorable, just cannon fodder, and the guy playing the killer looks remarkably like the Doc from "Back to the Future," sans any facial expressions. The killings are high school level special effects at best. Avoid at all costs.
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