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Comedy | Documentary
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131 min
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7.6 / 10 
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Directors: Addison Cresswell [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Lee Evans performing hilarious stand up comedy for a sell out crowd, one final time.


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Mmmmmm not real that good.....

Mmmmmm Not real that good it is just not funny, cringe I see he was trying to hard

Monkey Boy!

While not as good as his other shows Lee still performs better material than most comedian's in there prime from his physical comedy and endless energy to just his unique laugh Lee Evans is a very funny man who has been making people laugh for such a long time you wonder how he hasn't ran out of material at this stage.

A shell of his former self.

For many years i've been a huge fan of Lee Evans and his live stand up routines but this had me sorely disappointed. For one his humour feels forced and the "Jokes" are trodden, beaten down fantasies of what inanimate objects would say and do. Combine this with his over ecstatic facial expressions and movements to make up a sorry excuse for a joke. There is absolutely no variety in his routine at all. Most attempts are about animals, the earlier mentioned inanimate objects and how he cant understand technology, but he jumps from one bit to another and doesn't let us go along with the journey of a well told joke. I feel like he is a shadow of the man that gave us the XL tour back in 2005 which is still considered by me and many others as one of the best stand ups ever. I'm sorry to say but his impending stand up retirement is probably for the best but I will always remember the younger, funnier Lee Evans.
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