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Directors: Mark Jean [Director] ,

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College educated Hannah Swensen owns and operates Hannah's Cookie Jar, a bakery and café, in the small town of Eden Lake, Minnesota, where she grew up and where most everyone knows everyone else. Baking for the community and taking care of her cat are Hannah's primary concerns in life, while finding a husband by making herself more feminine being at the bottom of the list, which irks her widowed mother, Delores Swensen, and all the women in town who know Hannah is a catch if she would only show that side of herself. As such, Hannah does not appreciate Delores ambushing her with Dr. Norman Rhodes, the handsome bachelor dentist just arrived in town, despite admitting to herself that he is charming. Eden Lake is turned upside down when Hannah's childhood friend and the bakery's longtime dairy supplier delivery guy, Ron LaSalle, is found murdered outside the bakery, Hannah who finds his dead body behind the wheel of his delivery truck. Because the local police department is ill-equipped ...


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First entry in mini-series should be enough to lure viewers

Allison Sweeney is cute and pretty and personable and doesn't mug the camera and that makes her a good TV movie heroine. It is a shame she didn't want to perform in more of these "Murder, She Baked" movies.

Probably, though, it's a good idea to make a good impression and leave before getting type-cast, as has happened to so many talented actors and, I think, especially actresses.

This first entry gave us several interesting characters, a clever-enough setting for a mystery, and generally good dialogue well performed by the cast.

Despite my intentions not to be wasting time on television -- it's the first time I've had a TV set and cable in four years -- I succumbed to temptation and have thoroughly enjoyed Hallmark Movies & Mysteries -- except for the infuriating and constant repetition of the same promos again and again and again and again!

But Allison Sweeney and her fellow performers make the time between commercials and promos worthwhile. I do recommend this first entry in the mini-series and hope I can see the rest.


My boyfriend at the time put me through this monstrous film because I'm pretty sure he wanted me to break up with him.

It's 2 hours of my life I'm never getting back. Ever since the faithful day I watched this I've truly lived life to the fullest to make up for it.

Im pretty sure all the actors are now out of work and attending those lame z list celeb parties or making cooking shows. Poor side.


Thats to say that its a very light hearted "who dun it" in an american town where everyone (almost) is perfect, they have their lives, they all know each other until one day someone is murdered and everyone is quite shocked. Oddly there are very few clues as to "why" - the murder being investigated by the pretty woman who runs the town bakery, assisted by a detective from a nearby City. "She" is out of her depth, he isnt really believable as a policeman and "her" mum - watch closely for this one as she looks almost the same age as her daughter (theyre around 24 years apart in real life but dont look it!). Like all of these things "she" does get there in the end, but only by guessing wrongly. Better than some other stuff you tend to get on freeview
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