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Action | Drama
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Directors: Lloyd Bacon [Director] ,

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Lieutenant Joe Rossi is 1st Officer on a Liberty Ship in a great convoy bound from Halifax to Murmansk. After German subs crushed the convoy his ship loses the convoy and is heading alone to Murmansk. In spite of attacks by German planes and subs he get the ship safely to Murmansk...


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Worthy of the Oscar Nod for Best Writing

I was happy to discover the writing for this film earned an Oscar nod. It's well deserving.

Brisk, exciting action explodes across the screen for the first 30 minutes before seguing into quieter character sketches on the primary actors for the World War II film highlighting the Merchant Marines' role in aiding convoy supply ships headed for Russia.

Exremely well-written and edited to create a really great film and overview of the primary focus of the film, the Merchant Marines. I enjoyed the film's character sketches as well.

Fantastically shot battle scenes between ships, submarines, and airplanes hurl the story to a patriotic, flag-waving conclusion and keep viewers glued to it to see what is next.

The balance between battles, the human condition of the characters, and strategy are phenomenal. I would have liked to rate the film five stars, but became distracted by a great deal of film time focused on the German UBoats and planes, without any captioning. All of the German dialogue simply wasted the film timing & created a feeling of frustration just because SO MUCH time is given them. Had captioning been done, it would have served the story very well.

Look for small bit parts played by familiar faces Dane Clark and Sam Levene, and the ever-gregarious Alan Hale just enough comic relief.

Great WW2 drama

Great WW2 drama.

The story of a the crew of a merchant ship, crossing the Atlantic during World War 2, the perils they face and how they cope with them.

Gritty, with a real feel to it. Being made in 1943, it has a degree of propaganda and the inevitable speeches, but not to the extent of most other WW2 movies. This makes it much more watchable today than your average WW2 movie.

Has a few historical inaccuracies, but they are not overly impactful on the feel of the movie.

Solid performances from Humphrey Bogart (as you would expect), Raymond Massie and the supporting cast.

"Let me tell you something about my iron nerve, son..."

Well this is one movie title that's certainly not misleading. There's tons of action in this gripping WW2 movie about the Merchant Marine. I might even go so far as to say it's got the best and most realistic action sequences from any WW2 movie I've seen. I'm talking about movies made during the era not stuff made decades later with a gazillion dollar budget, of course. The story's about an American tanker crew that survives their ship being sunk by a German U-boat and spend eleven days adrift at sea before being rescued. They later return to sea on a Liberty ship leading a convoy. Once again they have to deal with the Nazis.

What's not to like? It's a WW2 movie with colorful Warner Bros. character actors Alan Hale, Dane Clark, Peter Whitney, and Sam Levene backing up Humphrey Bogart and Raymond Massey. There's only a couple of (minor) female roles, played well by Julie Bishop and Ruth Gordon. Yeah the plot's pretty basic and the characters may seem clichéd but it's all put together so well that I didn't mind. There's something to be said for using a successful formula.

The script is great with lots of funny lines and stirring speeches. Good music, both score and a nice rendition of Night and Day from a dubbed Julie Bishop. The photography is beautiful. The special effects are exceptional. The direction is terrific, especially in those spectacular action scenes. This is all the more remarkable when one considers director Lloyd Bacon didn't get to finish the picture. Bogart is great (as always) and his fans will love this one. Pretty much anyone who enjoys WW2 movies, particularly those from WB, will like this a lot. It's an emotional, exciting two hours of solid entertainment.
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