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Comedy | Sci-Fi
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25 fps
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86 min
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3.4 / 10 
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Directors: Michael Polish [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Hot Bot is the hilarious journey of two sexually repressed and unpopular teenage geeks who accidentally discover a life-like super-model sex bot (Bardot).


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Cheap and Vulgar

This film begins with a scientist by the name of "Dr. Heinrich Shaffer" (Heiko Oberm?ller) explaining to a journalist the intricacies of his latest project involving sex robots. Essentially, they are engineered in Germany, manufactured in Japan and sold in America. One case in particular involves the "Bardot model" (played by Cynthia Kirchner) being sold to a wealthy American politician by the name of "Senator Biter" (Larry Miller) but getting lost in shipment on a remote highway where she is subsequently hit by a car being driven by two high school losers named "Limus Huffington" (Doug Haley) and "Leonard Stupenski" (Zack Pearlman). Unaware at first that she is a robot, they panic and remove the body from the scene only to discover the truth later on. Unfortunately, being virgins neither of them quite know what to do and with her internal programming slightly damaged she becomes almost as confused as they are. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this film had some potential but the director (Michael Polish) apparently chose a more cheap and vulgar method instead. As a result, this movie wasn't sexy and what little humor was available was rather low-brow. That being said, there wasn't anything really remarkable about this film and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Below average.


Who ever casted this had some interesting connections, I'm not sure what the point of why anyone would agree to this. Or if they even watch it at the premiere. I guess they made it just for fun and had a few bucks to spare...

Don't bother!

If I could get lower than 1 I would! This film is boring and unfunny
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