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Directors: Joe Leone [Director] ,

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A blocked writer is made a proposition by the spirit of her celebrated-author cousin: 'Find my killer and I will finish your novel.'


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worth the wait

I enjoyed this film. If you are a writer who ever felt blocked, you probably will appreciate it too. It's definitely very slow at the beginning, but the story picks up in the middle and comes together in a nice twist. Super low budget, but nicely put together overall.

I Get The Last Word

Just don't.

This film is on the lower end of low budget movies. I am willing to give credit where credit is due in this regard but this fails to deserve much credit. The story is about the only thing that might deserve a second look.

A writer seeks isolation in a family owned cabin in hopes that it will help break her writer's block. While there she is confronted by the ghost of her cousin, who was also a writer, with the proposition that if she were to help reveal her cousin's murderer, her ghostly cousin will help her finish writing her book.

I could see how this might be an interesting set up but the potential is wasted here. The film is S-L-OW. We spend a lot of time just sitting around trying to figure out how to get past writer's block. There were a total of two scenes that raised the creepy level but those moments were short lived.

I'm not going to give spoilers as to what all happens but the rest of the film is just something I watched and will quickly forget.

I say this is a pass but by all means, check it out if you are still interested.
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