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Horror | Thriller
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23.976 fps
English 2.0  
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79 min
IMDB Rating:
3.5 / 10 
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Directors: Kévin Mendiboure [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Internet video blogger David Baker is invited by Carol, an eccentric and lonely woman, to investigate supernatural occurrences in her home. He is instructed that he is free to film everywhere except for her grandmother's room upstairs. At first, he sees nothing. However, things take a ghostly turn as he slowly discovers that things aren't what they seem and, even worse, it could be that something wants to follow him out.


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For the suspense that it barely evokes

Tired found footage film. Is there something supernatural? Where does the film go with this? Can the lead actor voice what his motivations are to help him deliver any line convincingly? I'll answer the last question: no. Too bad that this is who they picked to star in this film. The actor is unconvincing in the title, tended to read his lines as if he was also explaining the stage directions of the script and piecing together what his motivation was to speak the lines he had. The script did little to help him be able to offer any acting chops, but I doubt he would have done well if there was a better script. Maybe it was one of the minimalist scripts that just set the stage and then allow the actors to be in the moment in character. Who knows. Oh, the movie and its plot and conclusion. Yeah, it was that important.

Sooooo bad. Do not waste your time.

The acting alone is enough to make you cringe. Plus there is almost nothing to speak of for the first 40 minutes of this train wreck of a movie. DO NOT waste your time.

haa the fake reviews

How can a movie made for 23000$ be any good special effects and all don't waste your time you know its going to be that bad
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