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Directors: Tharun Mohan [Director] ,

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Dorcha tells a curious talk about Death, Demon and Deception channelled through Changelings, Witch craft and everything in between..


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AMELIA EVE, my love

Amelia Eve made it a 10/10 for me. She is incredibly talented and just owns every scene...she has the most beautiful facial features I think I have ever seen.

I don't understand why I love you and miss you soooo much and feel you in my heart and mind every second when I don't even know you baby... it scares me... have never felt so connected to another person in my whole existence... baby I love you forever!

90 minutes of essentially...

Nothing to be afraid of. Its a film about witchcraft that travels through the familytree of surtain individuals, shown in the film by plentyfull flashbacks to the past, showing how and why , and a manifestation that heritage is reknown for the fact that blood is thicker than life, and water of course, and the evil spirits within this plot of irish sinisterism might be sufficient for the weakhearted superstitious believer in the spiritual darkness of irish witchcraft folklore...

i have waited before, and are still waiting for some kind of scary business from these parts of the world, but cant seem to find the right spot to dig, other than say the acting are pretty theatrical, the special effects of peoples telepathic narssissistic hoovering above the actual level of abilities makes it a cheesy show of slow and everlasting dehorrified drama.

To the positive can be mentioned that the musical score are pretty fine at times, sound effects quite precise, and some of the filming are extreme steady at the same time quite bold and experimental, so heir heir to them running the camera anhd the railpusher and dollygripper as well as the focus puller.

But what we all can declare after watching ''dorcha'' aka the darkness is that the blond dame aka the witch do spell beams of beauty to the silverscreen, well worth her looks, for the grumpy old man that is not enough, ill go for the brunettes, and just a 4 with a tiny recommend mostly for the filming.

Did highschool kids make this?

There are some professional aspects to this film but the writing, and acting are not two of them.

I'll watch most B or C grade horrors through to the end but in the case of "The Darkness" I couldn't get to the halfway mark.

It feels light and fluffy, like a pre-teen's vision of a 'scary' story. Everyone is beautiful and nice (except the crazy guy in town) and no one has any personality what-so-ever. They're all plastic soap opera people.

Maybe it is aimed at 12 year old girls?

In any event, I couldn't get past the cheese the story seemed to be buried in.
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