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Directors: Howard J. Ford [Director] ,

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Set and shot during the global 'Lockdown' for Covid 19 by award winning director Howard J Ford. With the streets empty, free from activity of humans and machines, it is not just nature that takes advantage of this unprecedented time - Spirits are free to roam - Some harmless, but some with evil intent - One spirit in particular, a notorious serial killer is back from the dead, with more potential victims than ever before - Can the paranormal experts and detectives piece together how to prevent more young women, isolated and alone during lockdown, from becoming another victim of The Lockdown Hauntings?


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Staring at the wall is better and less boring than this.


I wasn't going to bother with a review of such a terribly inane move, but there were so many high rated reviews that I felt people needed to know they were being lied to.

This movie was made obviously for low information horror fans who are the only ones who could possibly buy this premise.

Filled with bad acting and stupid scenarios, it's an absolute insult to our intelligence.

They used that guy from Candy Man to give it credence I guess, but don't waste you time on this one. Even he can't save it.

It's not scary - it's just plain stupid and full of nonsense.

The odd thing is that there are a dozen 8 to 10 reviews for this but the average is below 4, telling us that most people just didn't bother to tell us how bad it really was. And it's likely that the high reviews are from people involved in the production, because anyone who really gave it an honest review would not give it more than a 4.

I gave it lower because it was exploitative to an ignorant number of viewers.

Astonishing... watch it and appreciate it for what it is!!

I have never written a review on here before so just going to tell it as I saw it! For someone who is a MASSIVE Horror fan of any type (honestly cannot express that enough) and someone who NEVER jumps or gets their heart pounding in a horror film... I jumped within the first 20 minutes! What a way to get you gripped... it is not your typical story line and has you guessing through out!

Based not only on the fact that this film was filmed in the extreme pandemic lockdown... the 1st lockdown it was all done by One... that's right ONE man! The dedication that himself and all the actors/actresses (and dogs) put in to making this film in the hard times everyone was going through not only deserves recognition but an award! Not to mention how well this film was put together, it's not your boring run of the mill man with a camcorder type film.. it is nothing other than extraordinary. Only wish I could have experienced this at the cinema. Well done to everyone involved you should be proud of such an amazing achievement.
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