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Mystery | Sci-Fi
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Directors: Roland Suso Richter [Director] ,

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A man (Simon) awakens in a hospital not recalling the last two years. As he begins to find out things from his past, he discovers his ability to move from the year 2002 to the year 2000. By doing this he meets a link between the two time periods.


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Not bad, but cops out

Without spoiling anything, the plot of The I Inside really disappoints me.

But it's still quite watchable. The blending of the stories is very well done. The main cast and supporting cast are excellent. The whole atmosphere is menacing and uncomfortable, in the right kind of way. And it's always nice to see Robert Sean Leonard in something. Even something that falls a bit flat, like this.

Just wish they had sat down and worked it out properly before they started making it.

I'd say watch it if you have nothing else to, it won't wreck your day.

But it could have been so much more.

Take you back

This is a little seen thriller and it's almost a shame, because it has quite a few good ideas. Some work, some might not work for you, but the overall story is very complex and very well told. It's not a movie, where you could say exactly where it is going. I don't think you could tell unless you had read quite a few articles on the film, which would be a shame.

But Ryan Phillipe does a great job, conveying this complex and very difficult emotional role he has to play. It's not only trying to keep up, where you are exactly (in the script), but in the overall structure of the movie. I know that some think that it does fall short towards the end, and I get the sentiment. But I still think the ending is pretty strong, to still make you rather like the viewing, than not.

poor casting, cliché script, confusing direction

I'm surprised that some user comments found "The I Inside" even marginally watchable; there may be some star attraction in Sarah Polley or Ryan Philippe, but they are both ill used, and it is difficult for me, at least, to imagine genuine tears falling from Philippe's eyes as he mourns his existential condition with lines like, "This can't be --expletive deleted-- true!" and a moment later (as we switch to existential condition #2) "This can't be --another expletive-- happening!" (A reflective person, one gathers, this character apparently isn't.) Indeed, the action of the film (such as there is) is so preposterous, one can't imagine it happening anyway; but then this film knows not whether it is sci-fi or thriller, mystery or psychological drama -- no wonder the audience is reduced to focusing on its stars rather than on what they say or do as characters. Sorry -- a 2 star rating to a film that features glamorous actors in unglamorous, unflattering roles, and is absurd in the event to boot.
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