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Action | Adventure
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23.976 fps
English 5.1  
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84 min
IMDB Rating:
7.8 / 10 
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Directors: Jeff Wamester [Director] ,

Movie Description:
The Justice Society of America , a group of heroes aiding the allies in World War 2, acquire an ally from the future who sends them on an adventure that changes history.


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Skip this subpar standalone.

Cheap-looking animation, low grade dialog, disjointed plot, zero character development, typical lazy deus ex machina resolution, ending appealed to unearned emotions since there was nothing important in the story to wrap up. Like other recent standalone DC animated films, you won't miss anything by skipping this one. Very difficult to find anything redeemable about this effort. 3/10 stars.

Not recommended.

It's like DC animated shows took a nose dive when it comes to keeping it's quality. The Animated movies were great upto the JL dark movies. Man of tomorrow was good, but not great. This was Bad. It's like it's made by the DCEU guys.

I'm still getting used to the animation style. The special effects were good, The designs were good.

The script and story was weak. The characters were one dimensional and felt shallow. There are a few plot holes. There was pacing issues. Some of the lines were cringe and it's delivery was melodramatic. It was like watching a cw show. It was Slow, boring and predictable. Not recommended. Waste of time. 2/5.

Gave it an extra star for a Henry Cavil Mustache Appearance

DC: Please stop this. Go back to the other animation style and approach, the DCAU was a wonderful thing from the get go. You've given us two new movies in this new vein and it's awful.

I did not enjoy the animation.

The action was boring, some early wonder woman scenes are good, but when it gets to the "climax" or other fights it is just underwhelming.

The story is a crappy screenplay slap in the face to a ton of good source material. Why reinvent the wheel as a square?
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