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What comes to mind when you think of British culture? The Royal family perhaps? How about scones, fish n' chips, Wimbledon, or our relentless bad weather? Of course the one thing that looms above all else is our national beverage of choice. No, not tea. I'm talking about alcohol. Brits love to drink... and drink some more. Britain has become famous for its ambivalent drinking culture, and we are showing no signs of slowing down. Documenting anecdotes from all facets of the British booze bottle, from politicians to police; medical specialists to charities; the church through to history and science; addicts and celebrities; with high profile personalities such as Russell Brand and controversial figures such as sacked Government Drugs Advisor Professor David Nutt, A Royal Hangover underscores the why behind our increasing thirst for the booze. Why are things so different in Britain? What sets us apart from our brothers and sisters in Europe, or our cousins across the pond? Are we aware ...


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Terribly Excellent

I only came across this excellent documentary this year, April 2021. I was a bit worried by it's intro, it could be off putting however, I percerived, and am glad I did.

Eye opening is a non plus. The amount of investigation required to make this documenty, is mind blowing, and I hate that phrase, being a tad short of pension age.

The creator almost made the most salient points; drink, cigarettes, sex and drugs, being points of passage. Drink got the mark, the rest were in the background.

This should be an educational tool in schools. It probably won't, which is a shame.

I give a high five in conclusion. The Irish are supposed to be able to drink the rest of the world under the table. Apparently we have finally lost, thankfully.

Thought provoking

Caught this on Prime. Bit of an eye opener! Very well made. Recommend to anyone who knows an alcoholic, who drinks or who lives in the UK. Yes, Russell Brand is involved, but funnily he's the least interesting thing here.

Some thoughts on a decent documentary about an important subject

Older documentaries that end will a hopeful montage + uplifting music are both darkly funny and super depressing, when you watch them later and know nothing much has changed.

And knowing this didn't really shift the culture is a bummer, because it's pretty decent... but then again, something like Bowling For Columbine was fantastic, but didn't change much in the actual US when it came to gun laws, so who knows...

I enjoy alcohol a lot, but am recently interested in documentaries and films on the subject because I'm constantly fearful of enjoying it too much. I know nobody expects to get addicted to anything, so if becoming an alcohol happens to others, it could happen to me.

This one is another I can add to my memory to tell me: "yeah, you might not be an actual alcoholic, but you should just be real conscious of what you drink, and maybe do it a little less."I could go on.... I haven't taken part in binge drinking much at all recently, but am finding more social occasions involve alcohol, as I've gotten older. Again, it's something I need to be mindful of, and documentaries like this one help in that regard.

Also Britain is far from the only place with an alcohol problem- Australia has many of the same problems, and a lot of teenagers get pretty into the stuff at a very young age here too...
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