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91 min
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Directors: Joseph Mensch [Director] ,

Movie Description:
A young stockbroker at a Mob-controlled Wall Street firm gets betrayed and sent to prison for six years. When he gets out, he seeks revenge.


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Not a bad thriller

Not a bad thriller, and made well, small budget but still - entertaining.

Should've been much better, Payback had no payoff

I've said this so many times for all these Covid-era junk releases, you can't be the director, writer, and producer for a film unless you're in the Top 5 and Joseph Mensch doesn't do any of those roles well which makes for a wasted effort. The bones of the plot are ok, but the execution, the screenplay is juvenile and not thought out; in fact, it just gets more stupid and unlikely as it moves along. And it has the most unlikely ending ever, poorest payoff in the past five films you've seen. The only thing worth watching truly were performances by support cast you may recognize: Lev Gorn who played Zotov in "The Americans" and Toby Moore who plays Bryan in "Billions". And our protag/star, Matt Levett, never seen him before. And he plays a character that should've died in so many scenes. Just add this to the Covid-era pile of rubbish out back.

Revenge thriller

Acting and direction were on point. Great quirky story line, bit same old same old, but not a bad effort in all. Worth a watch
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