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Having had one Broadway success in a musical she wrote herself, Katherine Clark is now happier in her current life teaching, she leading a youth choir, an offshoot of which is preparing for its annual Christmas Eve fundraiser. The fundraiser ensures the continuation of the choir for another year. She hits two eleventh hour snags with the show. First, her friend commissioned to write the title song for the fundraiser has to bow out due to other commitments, leaving no title song, the recording of which arguably would be the source of much of their money. That forces Katherine herself to write the song, something she thought she had put long behind her. And second, her star tenor comes down with a bug, he unable to perform in the show. Katherine believes she's found a replacement, the young man, Danny, who just happened to be interning for one day doing odd jobs as extra credit in his application to business school. She discovers that he has untapped natural musical talent. A further ...


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"So cliche, but a wee bit cute" spoken of mistletoe.

Kristin Chenoweth's petite self is as gorgeous as ever! She plays Katherine a single former Broadway star turned music teacher/youth choir director who gave up a child for adoption some eighteen years prior so her child would be happy and have a better life. A high school senior volunteers for extra credit to help with the youth choir...but what was to be a one day volunteer job ends up becoming so much more when Katherine hears him sing and is impressed with his raw talent. While picking up the holiday concert wings across town she meets Greg in a ride share who turns out to be our volunteer, Danny's father. Greg is a widower and ends up needing convincing to let Danny sing in the choir, concerned that Danny will be distracted from his goal of applying for colleges...Greg is initially reluctant. This prompts Katherine to drive to their home in Connecticut, where she spends a weekend doing non-city traditional Christmas activities and convincing Greg to let Danny Sing in their Christmas concert. Greg and Katherine start to develop a believable relationship...supported by their warm friends, both his and hers.

"She's not the most subtle, but I'd be lost without her."

There was a really good supporting cast and it was nice to see people treating each other well and being in long term healthy, supportive relationships.

There were some great Christmas values put forward in this film: sacrifice, adoption, putting your child's happiness first, and being a hard-worker.

"There is danger of a little relaxing." "You know I'm not a relaxer?"

"Maybe it is meant to be."

Wow ... not your typical love story

"A Christmas Love Story" is wonderful, and will bring a tear to your eye while you're smiling with joy!

what an awesome cast - radiant - a joy to watch. The relationships felt real. The plot was truly unexpected as the story unfolded, and took the show to another level!

I tried, I mean I really tried ... yet this film still made tears flow. A wonderful holiday film!

Kristen Chenoweth, Kevin Quinn, and Scott Wolf came through with very sincere and warm performances that Mrs. Shullivan and I were praising "A Christmas Love Story" as a Christmas keeper. Kristen Chenoweth plays Katherine a teenage children's choirmaster who takes a special interest in a newcomer to her choir named Danny.

Danny just appears out of the blue only wanting to assist in the stage's set up but when Katherine accidentally hears him singing while he is playing the piano she insists that he consider joining the choir in place of another male singer who has come down with a nagging cough. Danny is genuinely interested in accepting Katherine's generous offer to join the choir especially after he meets and likes one of the young girls named Nora (Isabella Frommelt) who also sings in the choir.

A chance encounter in a share ride with a handsome young businessman named Greg (Scott Wolf) soon leads to a few tough decisions for both adults once Greg realizes that his son Danny wants to join Katherine's choir. That was not what Greg and Danny had previously agreed to focus on as getting into an Ivy League school was more important than volunteering for a young adult Christmas choir.

I wouldn't want to spoil the film for any interested parties but suffice to say there were some heartwarming twists and turns that made Mrs. Shullivan and my own hearts and tears swell and left us both feeling filled with the Christmas spirit and the love of family. Adding even more happiness to this great film were a few great songs by Kristen Chenoweth in which she shared her stage with the up and coming singing star Danny (Kevin Quinn).

It is a perfect holiday magic film sure to make everyone feel great. I give it a PERFECT 10 out of 10 IMDB rating.
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