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84 min
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9.2 / 10 
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Directors: Hannah Black [Director] ,

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It's 1993 and North Carolina is experiencing a historic drought. Autistic teen Carl, fascinated by weather, predicts that a storm will soon hit nearby. His sister Sam crafts a plan to help him chase the storm, stealing their mother's ice-cream truck to embark on a road trip about family, forgiveness, and following your dreams.


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Not much of a plot

Watched this last night. Not impressed with the film but super impressed withDrew Scheid, or more particularly the size of his head and massive forehead. Every time he appeared, I thought of Boris Karloff in the role of Frankenstein's monster.

Sort of creepy for me.

excellent true indie film

Thoroughly this one, a real antidote to the endless rubbish i have watched recently. Excellent acting from all involved. More of a road movie than anything else but i enjoyed this one.

Hannah Black

Hannah black is the girl next door. I would marry her. She's perfect. She directed, wrote and stared in the film. That's hard to do unless you're clint eastwood. Very professional and classy film all the way. Fine photography, focus, resolution, depth of field, color, composition, all very professional. Pleasant background music, not overused or constantly on. I give it a seven because it is watchable and i love hannah black.

But really, its only a five or six, and just watchable. It falls short in a few critical areas. It was not really plausible as far as dialog or decisions. And the biggest letdown was that i never really got a feeling of appreciating the storm.

The movie was a two day road trip chasing the storm, while family matters were the real story. For the movie to have been a success, i would have to have appreciated the storm.

I think hannah would excel in a film with a real director and a better script... and a man.
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