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Crime | Drama
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5.4 / 10 
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Directors: Matt Berman [Director] ,

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Manipulated is a taut Drama, Mystery, Whodunnit with an ensemble cast. Diane Conrad, district attorney, is under extreme pressure to resolve a case that has politicians as well as the local community on edge. The clock is ticking and the stakes and emotions are running high. Can anyone trust what they see or hear? Why is Detective Scott Keating taking the biggest gamble of his career ? With evidence in short supply, and the personal and professional lives of all concerned unraveling, can you believe anything anyone says? It's game on.


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Loved this movie

This movie kept me engaged. I was thinking that I knew the killer but I was stunned! Great overall film good one to rent and kickback with friends.... always love a little Hitchcock/ Agatha Christy type movie... worth watching hands down.

Great Movie

Wow!! It was great to see a "who done it" with twists and turns throughout the entire movie.

Great script and cast.

I will watch it again.

ALL good scores are FAKE.

Every top score here is reviewed by someone with only one review, this garbage movie. That's a terrible sign. This is a horrible movie. Plot is terrible and impossible to follow; It's all over the place. The acting is really bad too. Director should be banned from making any more movies. Production company should be shut down too. AVOID THIS CRAPPY MOVIE AT ALL FREAKIN COSTS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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