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80 min
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4.1 / 10 
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Directors: Sonny Laguna [Director] ,

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In the dead of winter, Winona returns to her hometown for a much-needed break from her stressful lifestyle, but the relaxing vacation quickly turns into a frantic fight for survival. After running into some old friends at a local bar, the group returns to Winona's cabin to continue their reunion, but soon find themselves face-to-face with death. Disguised behind an icy mask, a killer is lurking and will not stop until there are no survivors. Blood Runs Cold is a frostbitten slasher that turns the snow red with gore.


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How the killer is able to see thru those glasses n with those eyes is beyond me.

I first saw this in 2012 on a dvd which I own. Revisited it recently on a fast forward mode.

Inspite of the film's runtime only 75 mins, it is a bit boring during the initial scenes. It has brief nudity n gory death sequences.

The special effects is lol and there are few mins of shaky cam stuff.

A character goes out to pee and he sees the killer upstairs in the window. However he ignores this for God knows why. A big wtf.

A character wakes up and after eating breakfast, she cleans up blood on the floor rather than calling for help.

A character's leg is injured brutally n her fingers chewed upon by a cannibal but she manages to run here n there n fight off the killer.

The acting n direction is very very amateurish and the isolated snowy settings was not utilized properly.

A guilty pleasure for me!! Short & sweet A++

Ok a 9 seems high but it's a micro budget & done very well for the $$. It's plain & simple & been done before with bigger budgets but this one nails it for less!! The story has holes but most of them do lol. But the setting is creepy & the villain is creepy. Decent enough acting and the special effects aren't as cheesy as you might expect. I've watched it several times & it's a fave go to when I'm bored.
BLOOD RUNS COLD is an ultra low budget Swedish slasher flick, shot inEnglish and made on an apparent budget of just $5000. That it looks asgood as films made for ten or even a hundred times the budget istestament to the skill of the director and production team. Still, it'sa pity that the quality of the writing doesn't match the quality of thefilm-making, as this turns out to be a predictable movie in the extremein terms of its non-existent storyline.

It's also a film of two halves, with the first half by far the worst.Not much happens here, other than setting up an uninteresting heroineand various supporting characters who are little more than fodder forthe killer. The good news is that things pick up - considerably - inthe second half, which is a straightforward action-packed slasher flickwith some remarkably gory death scenes and some fun stalk 'n' slashmoments. The gore effects are very well done on the budget and thenarrative as a whole is relatively enjoyable if you like slasher films.Just a shame that the first half was so slow.
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