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Drama | Horror
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23.976 fps
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89 min
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5.1 / 10 
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Directors: David Paulsen [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Julie is an advice columnist for the city newspaper who begins to receive anonymous notes threatening murder and worse. At about the same time, female members of the group therapy session she attends are being stabbed, one by one, by an unknown assailant. Is there a connection? If so, why do the notes talk about murder with a gun, while the murder victims are being stabbed? At first, the police, her ex-husband, her therapist and her friends all assure her that the notes are probably unrelated, and hoax; but with time, it becomes apparent that someone close to her is responsible. Is it her therapist, Pieter, who has sex with his patients just before they are murdered? Or Alison, Pieter's daughter, who resents Julie for Julie's romantic involvement with her father? Is it Julie's ex-husband, who never really wanted their divorce? Or maybe Gilbert, the eccentric building maintenance man whom many people believe is a little crazy anyway? Just about everyone around her seems mentally ...


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The acting is bad. everyone is just picking up a paycheck except for Richard Herd, who angrily kicks a trash can in one scene. otherwise forgettable. kinski is funny to look at though

boring horror

Newspaper advice columnist Julie (Marianna Hill) receives anonymous threatening letters. She's divorcing Doug. She attends a therapy group run by Pieter Fales (Klaus Kinski). His building has a new handyman (Christopher Lloyd). Female members of the group start getting murdered.

Non of the women are compelling and that includes the lead character. Her acting is rather stiff. The general level of acting is inferior with some outright bad. The women are nothing more than gristle for the meat grinder. It's one after another and non of it is exciting or scary. The big black guy following her into the elevator is meant to be scary but his innocence is never in doubt. Each kill unfolds without any energy. Pieter would function better if all his creepiness is kept hidden from the audience. Doug has one really bad overacting scene. All in all, it's repetitive and boring.

hidden gem!

Obviously massively influenced by Halloween, this was part of the early wave of post Friday American slashers that flooded the market in the 1980s. I enjoy the shots and the soundtrack is phenomenal and spacey and the sets are gorgeous, especially Dr. Fales' house. On that note, Klaus Kinski is wonderful, as always. And I love that guy that plays her ex husband, he was in Body Double and Murder she Wrote. Cute too.This one is more on the violent and scary side than the cheesy side. Honestly a hidden gem, this is one nobody knows about but it's a top tier slasher- you know, the kind you come across every once in a while that keeps you watching cheesefest after cheesefest in hopes you'll come across another.I guessed who the killer was in the first third :P
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