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Comedy | Romance
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Thai 2.0  
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118 min
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7.3 / 10 
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Directors: Chayanop Boonprakob [Director] ,

Movie Description:
In this world, there are many people who seem to be wandering along a relationship border-lining 'friends' and 'lovers'. This borderline is also commonly known as the FRIEND ZONE. It is a special area for those who are stuck in the middle where they cannot really stay friends with their close friends, nor move forward to be their friends' lovers. Palm (Naphat Siangsomboon) is one of those who has been stuck in the friend zone with his best friend, Gink (Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul), for 10 years. During high school, he tried to cross the line by confessing his feelings for her. But Gink simply rejected him, saying that "being friends is good enough." Since then, Palm and Gink have grown closer as true best friends. Every time Palm breaks up with any of his countless girlfriends, Gink will tell him off, talking some sense into him. And every time Gink fights with her boyfriend, no matter where she happens to be in Myanmar, Malaysia, or Hong Kong. All she has to do is make a call to Palm, ...


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The movei that best matches my life

Love not wanting status A love that does not require compensation is a close friend, too, and I fell into a position called a close friend while I was in love with a friend. But he doesn't want This movie is as well. It started with being friends. And became a friend of Until falling in love with each other Causing him to encounter various events Causing many impressive moments A love that doesn't need anything in return. Just wanted to see that he was happy. He can laugh, he can smile, we just want to be a part of his happiness. This movie clearly conveys a close friend relationship. And i love this movie so much It's like taking my feelings and my life to create it.

Whatta Movie!!

This is my first Thai movie to watch, it's way more than what I expected reading on IMDb! I smiled throughout the whole movie, even now while writing this.The best thing I liked about is theres no vulgarity in this movie, I've seen alot American RomCom, and those were full of sex instead of "LOVE".A must watch for guys & girls, even you can watch it with your friends group. Enjoy!!

2019Love you for a long time

How many people can spend ten years waiting for someone you like? Love you still, love you for a long time.
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