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Comedy | Drama
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6.5 / 10 
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Directors: Jill Sprecher [Director] ,

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Iris can best be described as a wallflower. She begins her first day as a temp for the nondescript Global Credit Association by waiting in a chair for two hours. This sets the scene for her (mis)adventures with the other "corporate orphans", Margaret, Paula and Jane. Led by Margaret, they find subtle ways to lessen the ennui of corporate oppression. The tension escalates when the new permanent hire, Cleo, enters the picture.


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"the nail that sticks out gets pounded down"

Everybody shines in this haunting, poignant and well directed movie. there is not one bad actor; every one is perfectly cast.

how such an intimate film can so strongly convey the dehumanizing, alienating nature of many work places is a nod to the strength of this compelling production.

i love the whole mood of the film and the play between meditative reflection and a zombie-like numbness. stays with you. one of my all-time favorite films. 9/10

great actresses great indie

Quiet temp Iris Chapman (Toni Collette) starts work at a cold, soulless office. Margaret Burre (Parker Posey) guides her to sit with Paula (Lisa Kudrow) and Jane (Alanna Ubach) during lunch. The four temps have different outlooks and become fast office friends. When things start going missing, the suspicion falls on them.

This is a collection of three of the best actresses around. They bring out real humanity in their characters. They have their fun moments. There is a poignant sadness throughout and a great ending of defiance. It's a triumphant indie. I think everybody has one great story within themselves and this is probably Jill Sprecher's best. She and her sister use their experiences to infuse this with a sympathetic eye towards the women at the bottom of the corporate ladder. There is something true and appealing about these women and their lives.

Quietly funny and strangely haunting

For some reason I'd been resisting seeing this film until a friend thrust it into my hands and said, "C'mon, Toni Collette and Parker Posey, how can you go wrong?"

Maybe I was resisting because I didn't want to see my life up there on the screen. Currently working in a temp job (where I am typing this review), "Clockwatchers" is terrifyingly familiar. It's not a hilarious comedy, although it is quite funny. Certain moments threaten to veer into David Lynch-style self-conscious surrealism, but the director reigns these moments in, in the nick of time.

It's a film about small things happening in an enclosed space, and the friendships that grow between the most unlikely of people, due mostly to proximity. The mood of paranoia that emerges in the second half of the film is perfect - turning trivialities into monumental acts of anarchy and betrayal. The office becomes a sealed microcosm where the theft of a tiny plastic monkey becomes the end of the world.

Not everyone is going to understand this film - it's not "Office Space", which is more accessibly 'wacky'. You're not going to chuck it on with your mates and have a good laugh. It's much more sombre and serious and ultimately quite sad. And it's made me quit my job (so perhaps I should have given it 10 stars, just for that).
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