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6 / 10 
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Directors: Gary Sherman [Director] ,

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There's something pretty grisly going on under London in the Tube tunnels between Holborn and Russell Square. When a top civil servant becomes the latest to disappear down there Scotland Yard start to take the matter seriously. Helping them are a young couple who get nearer to the horrors underground than they would wish.


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Mind the doors!!!!

Cannibalism on the London underground in this repellent, dingy but imaginative horror movie, as the survivor of a cave-in preys on city commuters. Dark, funny script and an hilarious turn by Pleasance as a cynical cockney copper make this a must-see for those with strong stomachs. Claustrophobic and intense, with grubbily effective production design. Christopher Lee appears briefly as a secret service official.

Mind the bores!

I've always liked this. From my first viewings, cut on TV and with less than decent picture on video, to improved DVD image and now completely uncut bright, shining (almost indecently so!) Blu-ray. Some complain it is not fast enough for them but we have a great script and location shooting in an old London underground station to compensate and the big reveal is well worth the very modest wait. Plus, all the time there is Donald Pleasance having the time of his life, taking the pi** out of everybody, from the powers that be, his own superiors and the public he has the misfortune to have to work over, I mean work for. True the horror are a bit awful and the nastiness is more than those expecting a jump in the dark are probably up for but it maintains that dread factor whilst being funny and all the time showing us those super tube tunnels and trains and advertising hoardings. Mind the bores and let's up this pathetic IMDb score!

Terror story set in London Tube that involves a series of bizarre events and grisly killings

Raw Meat also titled Subhumans is a classic horror movie about terrible happenings occur at London underground. As a top civil servant disappears in the Tube tunnels , then Scotland Yard goes into action . As Police Inspector Donald Pleasence and his helper investigate the bizarre deeds. A young couple, witnesses of the weird events , David Ladd and Sharon Gudney, give some clues about the twisted case. But other murders and kidnapping take place and things go wrong.

This yarn is one of the highest earning horror movies of the seventies .Original terror movie, nowsadays considered to be a cult movie . There is primitive gore , suspense , thrills , chills and creepy scenes.The subhumans appearances are the highest points of the movie , the ghastly characters deliver the goods full of screams , shocks and tension. Interpretations are pretty well , particularly by Donald Pleasence as a sarcastically cynical Inspector, he is supported by a botcher sub-inspector and righ-hand well played Norman Rossington. Along with David Ladd, Alan Ladd's son who as a little boy performed some films with his daddy. David Ladd has made a decent career as a film producer. And , of course, a brief intervention by the great Christopher Lee in a suspect role as a meddlesome MI5 agent .The movie has an acceptable production design plenty of decrepit lairs, dark tunnels , eerie skeletons and excellent make-up with crusted , bruised faces . Adequate and evocative cinematograpjy filled with shades and lights by Alex Thomson. Thrilling and terrifyng musical score by Malone and Jeremy Rose.

The motion picture was well directed by Gary Sherman and it was reedited for American audiencies and released under the title Raw Meat. Gary Sherman is an expert on action genre as he proved in Wanted : dead or alive with Rutger Hauer , Vice Squad with Wing Hauser and being specialist on Terror films as Death Line , Poltergeist III , and "Dead and buried" that is deemed to be his best one . Rating 6.5/10 . Good ,acceptable and decent terror movie
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