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Directors: Noel Clarke [Director] ,

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Six years after KiDULTHOOD, Sam Peel is released from jail for killing Trife, he realizes that life is no easier on the outside than it was on the inside and he's forced to confront the people he hurt the most. Some have moved on, others are stuck with the repercussions of his actions that night, but one thing's for certain - everyone has been forced to grow up. Through his journey Sam struggles to deal with his sorrow and guilt and something else he didn't expect - those seeking revenge. As he's pursued by a new generation of bad boys, Sam sets about trying to get the message across to his pursuers that they should stop the violence, much like Trife tried to tell him all those years ago. Can Sam stop the cycle of violence and make something positive from the destruction he caused or will his journey into Adulthood end here?


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The film hood

This is a good British film and a good follow on from brotherhood. Noel Clarke does brilliantly well also.

Out of jail, entering danger

After the success of Kidulthood, this film talks about Sam Peel, Six years after KIdULTHOOD, he is released from jail for killing Trife, he realizes that life is no easier on the outside than it was on the inside and he's forced to confront the people he hurt the most.

It's a surprise for the adults six years after they were into drugs, sex, money and robbery, they have matured (well, some of them .-.) and have a better life to secure. It's a bit depressing to see Sam leaving jail and being confronted harshly by the people he hurt the most, including Alisa and Jay. This film is great to watch over and over again but not as great or powerful as Kidulthood. However, the themes of this film are astonishing and the new characters, including Sam's brother, are improved and different towards the characters from Kidulthood.

This film talks about Sam's release from jail after killing trife or trevor, whatever his name is. He wants peace but he isn't getting any. It's just a sad thing to witness someone who killed a certain person that was dearest to others is being hunted by them for revenge. The only thing I learnt from this film is that revenge won't do anything good in your life. Revenge is what you want but is it something that you will be pleased about once you done your mission? Jay's hunger for revenge is extremely inevitable, but what he doesn't know is that if he kills Sam, it's not like trife will resurrect. It'll just make him more depressed and torn apart. It's just miraculous to see how the characters from its predecessor have moved on and separated for a better life but not forgotten what occurred when they were younger. Such a film,

Adulthood, the film that shows themes to remember.

They're not kids anymore

Noel Clarke has excelled himself again, with this intensely driven follow up to Kidulthood. Six years have gone by and a lot has changed. Our characters, more grown up and wiser. But for Jay, a score needs to be settled, where Sam has just got out of prison, and as by example in a couple of flashbacks, we see it was no picnic. Our free Sam, soon senses his cards are marked, days numbered, where he must find Jay before Jay finds him, where we do know Sam would kick his ass, as it's just not Jay whose after him. Much to my delight was an early scene with Danny Dyer who sets Sam straight over an old flame. Adulthood is just as entertaining as Kidulthood, where Clarke doesn't drop his guard, not letting us forget the pull no punches intensity of Kidulthood. Talented Clarke, knows what he wants and goes for it, making him one of the most impressive young directors I've seen. There are some intense and frightening moments, if some humorous ones too, like when a girl sets Jay straight in table manners. There's also a twist you could say near the end, where one warring party, comes face to face with someone, too close to kill. All the characters here have shown change, Sam in one eighty degree, Jay for the worst. That's what I really liked about the film, and in spite of all the bad shite Sam has done, you really want him to come out in one piece, the hero. Definitely for fans of Kidulthood.
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