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Directors: Fraydun Manocherian [Director] ,

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To satisfy his father's wish, an attractive and powerful billionaire travels alone, without money, and without using his real name to New York City. When the former playboy meets a perfect and down-to-earth real estate agent, the reason behind his father's wish becomes apparent and he'll weigh his current lifestyle against his future happiness to find that true love is something money can't buy.


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Such a lovely movie

Don't go to negative reviews. Such a lovely movie to watch. It's always good to see such positive movies. Recommended.

Dated Hallmark Wanabe Romance

WARNING: Watch it if you're really bored and there are no other options.

This is a 2021 re-release of the 2009 rom-com, A Secret Promise. Explains why the clothes, hair styles and automobiles are so dated and why a flip phone is their idea of top of the line high tech.

Poor dialog, bad editing and mediocre acting makes this difficult to watch. Initially it has great visuals and a promising Harlequin romance storyline but it goes downhill pretty fast. Wished they had applied some of the formula writing and shooting used in romance films released by Hallmark or Lifetime. Instead it's a clumsy attempt at what could have been a decent rom-com.

Why is this movie a re-branding of a 2009 movie named "A Secret Promise"?

This movie already came out in 2012 (or 2009?--it's hard to figure out). They just re-released it with a new title and release date. Is this a new thing?
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