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After a terrible accident leaves a young girl disabled, five years later, the group responsible are invited to a remote manor house in the countryside for a class reunion. Little do they know, they are being targeted by a masked maniac hell bent on revenge.


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Wow, this was just terrible...

Sure, I was lured in by this 2016 horror movie's cover, as it seemed like something that could make for an interesting movie.

First of all, the storyline told in "Fox Trap" was just beyond boring and pointless. And I lost interest in the movie not even fully 30 minutes into the ordeal. Nothing worthwhile happened, and there was no drive behind the movie.

And then there was the characters, which just felt like cardboard cutouts that had no purpose, no story or no motivation to be in the movie. I am sure that the actresses and actors in the movie were putting on their best performances, but they had everything stacked against them; the storyline was rubbish, the characters were rubbish.

What writer Scott Jeffrey was hoping to accomplish with this movie is beyond me, because the storyline fell short of proving even remotely worthwhile spending time on watching. This was just a swing and a miss. And I can't claim to say that director Jamie Weston was doing a great job at bringing the story to life to the screen.

If you enjoy horror movies, you need to avoid "Fox Trap", because it seriously has nothing but pointlessness and boredom to offer.

My rating of this 2016 abysmal attempt of a horror movie lands on a generous two out of ten stars, as there was something good enough to the production value of the movie, but that was about it.

A learning experience

The movie itself is a bit nonsensical, but I did come away from it with with some fun facts. First British people have difficulty using door knobs! Who knew? Yet on multiple occurrences someone would ineffectually beat on a door, yelling "Open up!" without even trying a knob. Secondly, they have the strength of a 95 year old, and not a very spry 95 at that with the slapping and pushing. Thirdly, British people have rather low HP, collapsing a few yards of running. Stunned to immobility after a hit or a push. All things I never knew before! Oh, and there's a twist at the end


This movies is just awful. The crappy cinematography, the crappy acting, the lighting, the bad make up, all of it is just awful. I kept waiting for it to improve and nope. It never does. I turned it off about an hour and 15 mins into it cause I just couldn't take anymore.
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