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Directors: Mark Robson [Director] ,

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Midge Kelly, hitchhiking west with lame brother Connie, is hustled unprepared into a pro boxing match. Though he's severely beaten, manager Tommy Haley finds him promising. Arrived in California, Midge and Connie find nothing but a menial job from which Midge gets relief by seducing Emma, a lovely young waitress. One shotgun marriage later, ambitious Midge falls back on the only option he knows: boxing. Seduced by cheering crowds, money, and a succession of blondes, Midge becomes more and more of a hero in public...and a heel in private.


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Reaching Fame and Money at Any Cost

While traveling to California in a cargo wagon, the clandestine Michael "Midge" Kelly (Kirk Douglas) and his crippled brother Connie Kelly (Arthur Kennedy) are robbed and thrown off the train. They hitchhike and get a lift from the famous boxer Johnny Dunne (John Daheim), who is traveling with his mistress Grace Diamond (Marilyn Maxwell) to Kansas City for a fight. They explain that they have bought a share in a restaurant. In Kansas City, Midge gets in trouble while seeking a job and is invited to fight box for 35 dollars. He takes a beat and the promoter pays only 10 dollars to him, but the trainer Tommy Haley (Paul Stewart) invites Midge to go to his gym in Los Angeles to be trained in box. When the brothers arrive at the restaurant, they learn that they have been cheated in the business and the owner Lew Bryce (Harry Shannon) hires them to work in the restaurant waiting table and washing dishes. Soon Midge seduces Lew's daughter Emma Bryce (Ruth Roman) and when her father finds their affair, Emma with Midge are forced to get married to each other. However Midge decides to flee to seek out Tommy and leaves Emma alone after the wedding. He learns how to fight with Tommy and defeats several fighters. When he is scheduled to fight Johnny Dunne, the organized crime orders him to lose the fight. However Midge defeats Dunne and is black-listed and can not fight any more. But Grace convinces him to leave Tommy and be managed by Jerome Harris (Luis Van Rooten), who is connected to the crime world. Now Midge begins a successful career betraying his friends and stepping on women, including Harris' wife Palmer Harris (Lola Albright). How far will he go to make money and be champion?

"Champion" is an awarded film-noir based on the story of an ambitious boxer that is capable to betray friend to climb in his career reaching fame and money. The direction and performances are excellent with good choreography in the fights, and the film was awarded in Film Editing category (Oscar) and Best Cinematography (Golden Globe). In addition, it achieved several nominations. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Invencível" ("The Invincible")

"Didn't you hear 'em? We're not hitchhiking any more. We're riding!"

I love how 'Champion (1949)' presents itself as one sort of film, and then, quite knowingly, becomes something else. The opening sequence follows boxer Midge Kelly (Kirk Douglas) as he presses through the cheering crowds and into the boxing ring. A sports announcer touts the legend of Kelly's meteoric rise, from penniless drifter to middleweight boxing champion of the world. Right then, I fully expected to watch an inspirational underdog success-story, with shades of 'Rocky (1976)' rather than 'Raging Bull (1980).' However, by the end of the film, 'Champion' has removed its mask to expose a face coloured with noir. Success does, indeed, find this determined underdog, but only through a history of exploitation and betrayal. Along the way, this "champion" leaves behind a crippled brother, a fatherly manager, an innocent wife, and a succession of blonde beauties whom he invariably dumps after he's made use of them.

Director Mark Robson (best known for his RKO horror collaborations with Val Lewton) cunningly forces his audience to rewatch the film's opening sequence, but this time through different eyes. No longer do we see in Midge Kelly the triumphant underdog, but the wasted vestiges of a man. The sports announcers' words ring false; the film's title – "Champion" – is to be spoken with scorn, not reverence. 1949 was an excellent year for boxing dramas: Robert Wise also released his gritty, superior 'The Set-Up (1949),' which starred Robert Ryan as a washed-up fighter who refuses to take a dive. 'Champion' is the lesser of these two pictures, held back by an occasional tendency for melodrama, but nevertheless packs a strong emotional punch. Kirk Douglas' fierce, fearless portrayal is relentlessly intense, a man so hypnotised by the prospect of power and success that he will stop at nothing to attain it.

A Tour-de-force acting of Douglas as boxer desperately fights his way to the success.

A selfish boxer (Kirk Douglas in the title role playing one of his earliest characters as main star) alienates the people around him , his captivating wife (Ruth Roman as the victimized spouse), his loving brother (a restrained Arthur Kennedy) ,trainer (a moderate Paul Stewart) and other women (Marilyn Maxwell, Lola Albright).

This interesting movie based on a screenplay by prestigious Carl Foreman is a noir drama about boxing world with an ambitious starring well personified by Kirk Douglas. The violent boxing images shocked audiences of the 40s and still retains quite power nowadays. It's a grueling boxing tale with tough realism full of face-blistering, punch, knocks until ¨Raging Bull¨ surpassed it years later. Top-notch acting by Kirk Douglas as merciless, ruthless boxer in his usual hard-driving style and winning a deservedly best actor Academy Award nomination. Dark cinematography in black and white plenty of of lights and shades by Franz Planer. Atmospheric musical score by the classic Dimitri Tiomkin.

The motion picture is well realized by Mark Robson. In the early 40s Robson was much involved with the low-budget terror unit in charge of producer Val Lewton , for whom made ¨Seventh victim¨, ¨The ghost ship¨, and ¨Island of the dead¨. In the late 1940s Robson joined Stanley Kramer's independent company and directed his biggest commercial hit to date with ¨The champion¨. Years later Robson made another good film about corruption in boxing world titled ¨The harder they fall¨ with Humphrey Bogart. In the late 1960s, his work did decline . His last movie was a jinx one titled ¨Avalancha express¨. Robson and his main star, Robert Shaw, died suddenly from heart attacks. Rating : Above average, well worth seeing. This is certainly one of the best movies ever made about boxing world
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