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Drama | History
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Korean 2.0  
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133 min
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7.1 / 10 
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Directors: Ha Yoo [Director] ,

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The period is the late 14th century, and the last waning gasp of the centuries-old Goryeo Dynasty. As that regime comes to a bitter end thanks to the machinations of the Yuan Dynasty, The Goryeo king responds by organizing a military force known as Kunryongwe, led by the daunting commander Hong Lim. The leader captivates the king to an alarming degree - to such an extent, in fact, that he almost completely diverts the regent's attention away from his queen, leaving her with tremendous feelings of reluctance and hesitancy about this relationship. Meanwhile, the manipulativeness of the Yuan doubles: they unsuccessfully attempt to subvert the king by placing a threatening ruler in a high position, but the king - sensing this Machiavellian scheme - adamantly refuses, much to the consternation of the top-tiered Goryeo officials. The ruler also devises a complex and wickedly clever scheme to protect the Goryeo line for future generations by appointing Hong Lim to impregnate the queen and ...


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A sumptuous, gorgeous epic

Wow, what a terrific movie! I originally just wanted to see it because of the "hot Asian men in love" theme, but it delivered so much more than that. Palace intrigue equal to anything Shakespeare ever wrote, for starters. The relationship between the leads, the king and his bodyguard, is intense to watch but the story spins out beyond that in multiple directions.Aside from the story, the film is just beautiful in terms of gorgeous sets, vibrant colors and fabulous costuming. I wanted to pause about a dozen times just to get decorating tips, since I love Chinese furnishings! Add in beautiful actors (and let's face it, one with a particularly nice butt), and the visuals alone are compelling.Without giving away anything, suffice to say that the palace intrigues keep exploding until the probably-inevitable conclusion. Truly an interesting ride from beginning to end. And yet another refreshing break from the mountains of Hollywood drivel. I'd sooner watch this again than another "car chases and explosions" piece of garbage anytime.

Great movie

I've just finished watching it it's such a great move it's like an emotional rollercoaster but the movie has a lot of erotic scenes I love their actingGod their facial expressions were priceless the ending was full of emotion gooood I'm dying here I love the movie

Who with who?

I don't know if you can or rather are allowed to use the word screw other than in the context of using it with a screwdriver. So while foul language is not allowed here, I don't know to what extend that goes. And I say that because this movie dares to break borders and to openly show certain things. Not just nudity, but love between individuals that many would consider the devils work! Not to mention intercourse outside of marriage - even if one has a "higher" or even "noble" purpose.

Having said that and while this is more of a love story, there is also quite some action in this. It is more a character piece and drama (with hot steamy scenes thrown in between, forbidden love and all that), but it also delivers in the stunt and fight scenes! Not for everyone obviously, but more than well done, especially if you are into the period pieces and don't mind nudity
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