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An account of the six-week death spiral that brought down the company's IPO, a behind-the-scenes look at WeWork's frat-boy culture.


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The narcissist with a genuinely inspiring vision and MeRich syndrome

I would argue that the saddest part about WeWork are not the hyped employees who got heartbroken and ripped off. It's that CEO Adam Neumann recklessly besmirched his own beautiful, heartfelt vision and also tarnished how the world will perceive anyone else trying to change the world.

I believe he was honestly trying to make his vision come to life. Because even a pro narcissist manipulator can only fool so many people before they smell he's not ALL IN on what he's selling. Neumann was. But at some point, probably when the big bucks started coming in, he started prioritising himself over his vision. Unbeknownst to him, that's how and why he killed WeWork.

Strangely enough, what the world clearly needed was Adam Neumann destroying his beautiful concept WeWork by rushing its expansion and wasting time faking profitability when he should have been investing that time into finding sustainable financial solutions. I think we also needed the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos deception, too.

From the ashes of their irresponsible vanity better, more accountable leaders will emerge. Thanks to Adam Neumann, the world will now tolerate fewer and fewer Adam Neumanns and call them on their BS quicker and with more ferocity.

Because what we really, truly need is a deeply embedded accountability in our judicial system so that the Adam Neumanns of the world DO NOT get to have a lavish pay day after wreaking havoc on so many lives but instead serve time in a prison.


A company I didn't know that existed, ran by a guy who was believed to be Jesus Christ. WeWork is a good concept. It just needs to be executed properly.

Poorly executed

This should have been a 30-minute documentary. WAY too much time was used to talk about the WeWork atmosphere and business, over an hour. And only a few minutes about the downfall. In fact the two most disturbing things Adam Neumann did as CEO of WeWork (buying the buildings personally and leasing them to WeWork, and withdrawing 700 million USD right before and IPO) was mentioned for a total of 2 seconds! Like wtf.
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