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Drama | History
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4.8 / 10 
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Directors: Cathy Allyn [Director] ,

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Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Dr. Mildred Jefferson square off in a national battle in this untold conspiracy that led to the most famous and controversial court case in history.


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After watching I understand the sharply opposed ratings

I am actually not really not interested in this topic Roe v Wade and I had to subtract one star for mediocre acting. The only reason I watched the movie is because I was intrigued by the sharply opposed ratings. People either rated the movie very highly or very low, but there is hardly anything in the middle. After watching it I can now understand why that is so. During the course of the movie it becomes evident that abortion is nothing less than the beastly murder of a human being that is literally ripped apart in the womb. ... No wonder the pro-choice crowd is up in arms about this because they want to remain in denial about the reality of what is really happening.

Wow! Awesome factual documentary, movie!

This movie is well done, brings out the real facts. Acting is very well done. Crazy that Planned Parenthood was founded on reducing black lives! 40% of abortions are precious black babies?!?

God help us all, help us protect the unborn that You give life to at conception and before.


Amazing acting, great story telling. It portrays what actually happened to make Roe v Wade law.
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